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How To Reduce Tummy After Delivery

“How to reduce your tummy after the delivery” or “How to reduce weight after delivery?” are questions that bother most women post-delivery.  This is because it can be quite a tedious task for a woman to lose weight after giving birth to a child. The woman’s stomach continues to bulge after childbirth, as carrying the child’s weight causes it to stretch and it does not automatically go back to its original shape. Therefore, most women are looking for ways to reduce their tummy after delivery. Here are a few tips on how to reduce your tummy after delivery.

• Following a light exercise routine after you are well-rested post the delivery is a great way to reduce your belly. A simple regimen of walking for 20 minutes daily will help you  do so.
• Choosing the right foods plays an important role in ensuring that you have a flat stomach after your delivery.
Include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, nuts, and wheat bread in your meals. However, make sure that there is no compromise as far as your diet is concerned as the baby essentially feeds on what you consume. Also, make sure you have a good bowel movement as this can help eliminate the toxins and fats from your body. 
• Avoid canned and processed foods. Junk food should also be eliminated from your diet. Also make sure you avoid sugary food and sweets from your diet.  
• For those wondering how to reduce their tummy after delivery, here’s a tip that is going to surprise you. Breastfeed your baby.  Breastfeeding helps you burn 400 to 500 calories.
• Make sure you do not lie down once you finish eating. This is because you need to give your stomach time for the food to digest after eating.
• Go in for some light yoga exercises after consulting your gynecologist. However, make sure you stop exercising if you are short of breath or feel dizzy while   at it.   
• Instead of eating three large meals opt for five to six smaller meals.
• An effective tip for those who want to know how to reduce their tummy after delivery is to drink a glass of warm water to which a few drops of honey or lemon is added after every meal.
• You can provide support to your stomach with an “after baby belly wrap”. This baby wrap helps provide support to the stomach muscles and helps your tummy get back into shape.
Keep in mind that you must consult your doctor before taking any steps to reduce your tummy or weight after childbirth. If you’ve had a C-section delivery, the time you need to take before starting any exercise will be longer.
Submitted on March 17, 2011