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What to Eat for Breakfast

What to Eat for Breakfast – There’s an old saying that states one should breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper, and it’s true too. Breakfast should be the most important meal of a day. A good breakfast helps the body tank up on energy for the coming day. It fuels the body and brain, which in turn helps you to be focused and on point.

Breakfast is a component of a healthy lifestyle.

In the morning the body has a better chance at burning calories and boosting body metabolism and at the same time you feel fuller for longer. This means you don’t binge eat later in the day and you burn calories too, a win-win in the world of diet.

A Healthy Breakfast – While a classic or traditional breakfast is very popular, and it is better than going hungry all morning, the ingredients don’t necessarily make for healthy breakfast foods.  So if you are wondering what to eat for breakfast read through this article and pick up some healthy breakfast ideas.

When deciding what to eat for breakfast, remember the best breakfast choices should include low carbohydrate (low GI) foods. These foods keep the body for longer. So substituted chocolate cereal and sugar coated cereal with whole grain mixed with fresh fruit. Dairy proteins are also important, but be sure to make the right diet food breakfast choices; using the same example as above - when preparing a bowl of whole grain cereal use skim milk and low fat yogurt, instead of regular ones as this makes for a healthier meal.

But what do you eat for breakfast if you are on the run, or on the road, and can’t fix yourself a good diet food breakfast? Here again the idea is to choose the right diet fast food breakfast is very important. If you are going for a muffin with your morning coffee, go for an egg muffin instead of a chocolate one.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Healthy breakfast foods include whole grain breads and cereals, nuts, fruits, skimmed milk and low fat yogurt, egg whites and smoothies. If you want to vary the breakfast menu a bit more these ideas for healthy breakfast foods may prove useful:

•    Oatmeal – Oatmeal is the perfect, healthy breakfast. It is a GI friendly food and packs a punch. You can eat it plain or mix it up with nuts or berries or a serving of low fat yogurt.  
•    Scrambled Tofu – There’s scrambled eggs but a healthier option is opting for scrambled tofu. It is a nutritious meal and you can add to that count further by preparing the tofu with nutrient packed fresh greens (try bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, garlic and onions. Stir fried in olive oil) and whole grain toast.
•    Soy Protein shakes – A smoothie is a great breakfast meal but you can vary the options with a soy protein shake. Be sure to use healthier option like soy milk, fresh fruits and almonds or flax seeds when fixing a morning soy protein shake.
But what do you eat for breakfast if you are in a mood for something more exciting for a change? Why not try a breakfast taco? A whole wheat taco with a healthy salad and low fat cheese makes for both a healthy and delicious breakfast meal. You could also go for a grilled sandwich full of healthy vegetables or last night’s leftovers. Be sure not to add to much cheese to the mix.

If you are unsure about meal combinations or have special dietary needs it helps to consult a nutritionist to chart out the best food plans.

Submitted on October 3, 2010