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Weight Training For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose that unnecessary weight? Have you been trying to do so but so far did not see any results? Then do some weight training. Indeed, using weight training for weight loss is highly effective. In fact, it is not only effective but crucial.
Weight training does not necessarily mean heavy weight lifting. You need only master the basics.

When trying to shed off some pounds, most people resort to denying themselves food. The end result – starvation. It is not only about control of calories however. Some dieticians and some nutritionists do not also see the benefits of weight training and continue on the belief that it is all about calories. It is indeed true that when you have extra calories in you, you grow fat. If you lack calories, your body will use the fat in you for energy, thus making you thin. Weight training or strength training is necessary to achieve that calorie deficit. Why is this? The lean body mass, otherwise known as the muscle mass beneath your body fat is what burns calories.

If you are fat or obese, remember that beneath all the fats are bones and muscles. These are strong ones; they should be because the skeleton and muscles are the ones carrying that extra weight due to fat. Every activity you do would be requiring more effort if you are obese. Normal daily activities could actually make your muscle stronger if you have all that extra fat.

You must then take advantage of this. It is necessary to keep maintain that bone density and muscle mass while shedding off weight. This way, your high metabolism will be maintained. Now then, if you do not eat and instead starve yourself, the muscles resources you have will disappear. It is better to maintain muscle mass while losing fat than not to. This is done through weight training.

Why would the muscle mass disappear? The body does not need it so it gets rid of it. The body after all is very good at adapting. If you are fat, then the body increases muscle mass to help you carry around your fats. The more you weigh, the stronger your muscle becomes. If muscle mass disappears, your metabolism will surely slow down. And calories will build up again and you are back to being fat. Weight training for weight loss is highly effective and also very helpful in maintaining your lean figure.

Submitted on February 24, 2009