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Vitamin B17 Food, Nutrition Benefits

Cancer is an illness that has plagued a large number of people down the ages, and medical experts are still in the process of finding a cure for the dreaded disease. There are a large variety of supplements and medications available that help in controlling the spread of the cancer, but none have been of use in complete eradication of the illness. Foods that are rich in vitamin b17 are known to be of great help in keeping the spread of cancer under control. When the treatment of cancer was known to be helped by the addition of vitamin b17 to the diet, it was termed as Laetrile treatment of cancer. Vitamin b17 foods have been used over the years to assist in curbing cancer, but have not been proven to be of use in removal of the illness from the body itself.
What most people do not know about vitamin b17 is that it is not actually a vitamin, but a supplementary part of various foods that assists in the prevention of the spread of cancer. Vitamin b17dosage from natural sources comes through the seeds of various fruits, such as apricot seeds, which have the highest known vitamin b17 content, occurring naturally. People suffering from cancer, who consumed around seven apricot seeds on a daily basis, are known to have shown regression in the growth of cancer tumors and clusters. Because the vitamin b17 recommended dose is much less than was being provided by apricot seeds, the sale of raw apricot seeds was made illegal. Subsequently, supplements and tablets that contained vitamin b17 were first approved by the FDA and then allowed into the open market. Foods rich in vitamin b17 have been consumed by numerous people, not as a cure for cancer, but as part of their daily diet. Vitamin b17 injections were later introduced in the treatment of cancer, but are extremely expensive. Vitamin b17 supplements are made available in the form of tablets or powders that can be added to health drinks. People suffering from cancer and who are undergoing chemo therapy or radiation therapy can add supplements of vitamin b17 to their daily diet, thus helping to control the spread of cancer in the body. Vitamin b17 nutrition has been advised by a large number of doctors who specialize in the treatment of cancer, because of its properties that slow down the spread of the illness through the body. There are a variety of b17 recipes that can be looked up over the internet, or through health magazines, giving you information on foods that contain the vitamin help you fight cancer.

Vitamin B17 Health Benefits

Vitamin b17 benefits have been of great use to mankind over the years, as it has given people some hope of a cure for cancer. Further study over the years and combinations of different components will surely lead to a cure for cancer in the near future. The ability of vitamin b17 to slow down the spread of the illness in the body has given people suffering from cancer a great deal of relief from their suffering. There are not many vitamin b17 health benefits, if compared to the health benefits offered by other vitamins. Numerous doctors across the world have recommended the use of vitamin b17 for cancer cure, and although it has prolonged life, the vitamin component of foods rich in b17 has not been able to remove cancer completely from the body. Foods such as apples, what grass, lima beans and almond are rich in vitamin b17 for cancer prevention. It is believed that consuming the fruits and seeds of these plants will be extremely beneficial in avoiding cancer, or at least, keeping the spread of cancer under control. Making use of vitamin b17 for cancer patients is of great help, but supplements of the aforementioned vitamin must be taken under the advice of the doctor who is attending to the person suffering from the illness. Vitamin b17 for kids may be given in the form of fruits that have the vitamin occurring naturally. Children suffering from cancer must be administered the supplement on the advice of the doctor who is attending to their situation. The consumption of fruits is highly recommended so that people are given all the nutrition required for healthy living through natural sources. People who boost the immune system and strengthen it well seem to avoid minor illnesses that could lead to more complicated health problems.

Vitamin B17 Sources

The best known vitamin b17 sources are in the seeds of certain fruits, such as apple and apricots. Consumption of the apple seed is not commonly practiced, but has been recommended for the control of the spread of cancer. Vitamin b17 food sources that are included as part of the daily diet will be of great help in lowering the chances of contracting the deadly disease, while those who have been afflicted by the illness will gain a certain amount of relief through a regression in the growth of tumors or clusters that cause a great deal of discomfort. Vitamin b17 natural sources are available through fruits and vegetables that contain the vitamin and must be consumed on a regular basis. Small amounts of the vitamin occurring naturally are better known to keep cancer at bay and have been recommended for the same purpose by people who have experienced the benefits first hand. A large number of people suffer from cancer and have realized that vitamin b17 is of great help in relieving them of unwanted pain and suffering. People suffering from cancer need to be a little careful about the foods that they consume, keeping in mind that they will be taking strong doses of medication to keep the illness under control. Numerous doctors and cancer specialists have recommended the consumption of foods that contain b17 because it has the ability to slow down the spread of the illness, giving doctors and patients a better chance of fighting the disease. Harboring a positive attitude towards fighting the illness will go a long way in helping you stay well.
Submitted on January 16, 2014