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The recent discovery of new chemicals in potatoes has placed it in the news.  The kukuoamines chemicals are known to lower high blood pressure.  This development is good for people with high blood pressure.  This offsets the reputation of potatoes as fattening food because of its carbohydrate content; however, it is rich in Vitamins C and B6.  It contains minerals like copper, manganese, and potassium.  The presence of phyto nutrients increases the nutritional value of potatoes.  

Vitamin B6 is essential to the stability of the immune system, and the growth of new cells.  It helps calm the nervous system.  Vitamin C is good for tissue regeneration.  

Manganese is essential to convert fats and protein to energy. This is also essential for proper digestion for healthy bones.  Potassium in food promotes healthy muscles and normal heartbeat, and helps prevent high blood pressure, while copper removes free radicals to prevent cell damage.  Eating food rich in copper can help ease arthritis pain.  Potatoes are indeed the healthiest vegetable all year round.  

Potatoes has an effect on amino acids by creating an insulin response on this acids movement from the blood to the brain, therefore diabetics are better off eating  sweet potatoes.  Aside from the insulin response it creates, it also boosts energy levels by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

Potatoes are good for ulcers of the digestive tract, as it counters acidity in the stomach.  The juice extracted from the potato is drunk for stomach ulcers, as liver remedies.  Drinking the potato juice prevents the formation of gallstones.  For aches and pains, mashed potatoes are effective as a poultice.   Slices of potato over minor burns can prevent infections.  Mixing grated potato with olive oil can moisturize dry skin.    

A variant of the potato plant is the sweet variety.  This is even richer in nutrients than the white potato.  These are harvested in autumn, and are one of the healthiest vegetable of the season.   These have antioxidants and nutrients that treat tissue inflammation.  This helps stabilize sugar, lowers insulin.  It is also rich in Vitamin A, a good protection against emphysema.  Sweet potatoes can be cooked as pies, fries and eaten boiled.  Potatoes and their sweet counterparts are wholesome eaten alone.  

What used to be animal fodder is now an important staple in America.  Potatoes are always part of any holiday meal.  It is the specialty in burger chains.  Americans consume tons of potatoes daily, contributing to the healthy economy of the potato industry.  Chopped, sliced, baked, fried, and used in salads – potatoes are versatile and filling.  Potatoes have zero calories.  When prepared with cheese, butter, and too much salt it becomes unhealthy.  It is always better to eat baked potato with skins because the fiber slows the glycemic rate or the conversion of sugar in the body.

Every family household consume tons of potatoes.  This vegetable replaced wheat as a staple food because it can survive rough weather conditions.  This vegetable was imported by the Irish during the potato blight that caused wide spread famine for three years.
Submitted on January 16, 2014