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Truvia sweetener

Truvia is a new stevia based artificial sweetener which was first introduced by Coca Cola. The stevia sweetner, which is sold as the brand Truvia sweetener, actually contains compounds like Rebiana and Erythritol. Both of these contribute to the natural taste of stevia. Since stevia is known to bring in the sweet taste only a few moments after it has been consumed, the additional compounds are added to make the taste better. Truvia sweetener is marketed by a company known as Cargill.
This is a drug manufacturing company that made Truvia exclusively for Coca Cola, to be used in sugar free alternatives of its drinks.
Like all other artificial sweeteners, there has been a massive debate over using Truvia as an alternative to natural sugars. In fact, over the last few years, the debate about Truvia has especially heated up after it gained FDA approval. The truth is that since stevia, the major compound used in Truvia, is obtained from a plant source, the sweetener is not considered harmful at the outset. The stevia plant itself produces an extract which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is also low in both carbohydrates and calories. Truvia has been considered good for the treatment of high blood pressure and obesity. In fact, it also appears to be a very healthy and viable alternative to sugar for diabetics.

Truvia is also sold commercially in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada apart from United States. However, it has been banned in the European Union as well as Singapore. In both the European Union and Singapore, additional research is sought before approval may be given to the sugar substitute.

Since people have become extremely health conscious, more often than not, they are willing to try anything that will help them cut sugar from their diet. Truvia’s low carb benefits appeal to everyone at the outset. However, researches have proven that the artificial sweetener is not as beneficial as it seems. Stevia, the major component of Truvia is, in fact, all natural and is regarded safe for use. However, in Truvia, additional compounds are added which may not be the best for consumption. Large doses of stevia itself are harmful for the body and the adverse effects that this has on the body are extremely diverse.

The most common side effect of Truvia stevia sweetener is gastrointestinal discomfort. You may feel uncomfortable after consuming Truvia. Your bowel movements may change and you may feel bloated and uncomfortable. When consumed in large doses, Truvia can also make you nauseous and may cause trouble in breathing. The sweetener, however, is still usually safe if used in small doses and it must be remembered that even though the sweetener claims to be sugar and calorie free, it is best to consume it in small quantities so that you do not have to suffer the side effects.

If you are diabetic, it is best to avoid sugar than to continue consuming sweet food that has sugar substitutes. Since the entire point of any artificial sweetener is to avoid sugar completely, it is best to avoid it. The side effects of Truvia sweetener can be avoided when you consume it in small quantities. To limit your usage, try and avoid sweet foods. These sweeteners are also present in diet soft drinks. While having one such soft drink once in a while is acceptable, it is better to avoid consuming them on a regular basis as this increases the chances of your getting affected by the side effects of the artificial sweetener. Still, it has been seen that stevia based sweeteners are much better than the other sweeteners sold commercially.

Submitted on January 16, 2014