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Globulin - One Of The Two Types Of Serum Proteins

What causes low globulin? What can I do to increase it? My blood test report was 2:2

Proteins are the most abundant compounds found in the serum and they perform many vital functions in the body. Proteins are the building blocks of all the body cells and tissues; they form basic components of many hormones, enzymes, antibodies and clotting agents. In addition they act as a transport substance for different vitamin, minerals, hormones, lipids and other materials.

Globulin In Blood And Normal Globulin Levels

Globulin plays an important role in balancing the osmotic pressure of the blood and tissue. The major serum proteins measured includes albumin and globulin. There are 4 main types of globulin which have specific actions and properties in the body. A typical blood panel done for measuring proteins in the body will provide 4 different measurements that include total proteins, serum albumin, serum globulin and albumin: globulin ratio. It is important to know all the values to evaluate a medical condition.

A total protein is the sum of albumin and globulin, if any one or both of them are low or high they will affect the total proteins. The liver uses dietary protein to synthesize albumin. Its presence in blood in appropriate amounts is very important in the plasma as it creates an osmotic pressure to maintain the fluid volume within vascular space. Globulins are proteins that contain a variety of enzymes, carrier proteins and gamma globulins or antibodies.

Types Of Globulin

There are 4 major groups that can be identified - alpha-1 globulins, alpha-2 globulins, beta globulin and gamma globulin. Usually gamma globulin makes up the largest fractions of the globulins, thus an antibody deficiency always comes first in mind when the globulin levels go low. In your case globulin levels are decreased slightly; common conditions in which globulin levels are decreased is acute hemolytic anemia, nephritis - which is a kidney condition where the filtration of proteins from the blood is not carried out effectively leading to loss of proteins in the urine, alpa-1 antitrypsin deficiency or emphysema, liver dysfunction and hypogammaglobulinemia or agammaglobulinemia.

Consult a specialist to get a correct diagnosis and the treatment shall follow accordingly. There are different ways to increase globulin in the body but they would largely depend on the clinical presentation of the reports. For example consuming high protein food especially rich in globulin and certain supplements and medication can help you to maintain normal levels of globulin but if you have nephritis (where the proteins from the blood leaks in the urine) then it is important to treat that condition first before starting other methods to increase serum globulin levels.

Submitted on January 16, 2014