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What is hemp protein?

Hemp protein can be described as the protein that is derived from hemp seeds. When the seed of the plant Cannabis Sativa is milled or ground, hemp protein is obtained. These seeds are an excellent source of protein, which comprises the complete spectrum of all the natural and organic protein. Organic hemp protein consists of all the 20 amino acids, which are used by the human body; this also includes the 8 essential amino acids. Hence, the proteins found in hemp seed are quite similar to the proteins that are present in the human body.
Another advantage of organic hemp protein powder is that it is free of oligosaccharides, which leads to gas and an upset stomach in most people.

Hemp protein nutritional facts

There are several other hemp protein benefits that people should be made aware of. First of all, hemp provides the body with the right amino acids and that too, in the appropriate quantities, which enables the body to produce the required protein. Hemp protein has edestin (globulins) and albumin, which can be described as two of the three most common protein types found within the human body. This source of protein also contains the amino acids, histidine and arginine, which is required by the body, for proper growth. Branch-chained amino acids are also present in hemp protein powder, which are excellent for the growth and repair of lean body tissue. Hemp protein is known to provide the body with essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) can be found in only a few sources, hemp seeds being one of them. Moreover, hemp is not just high in most of the essential fatty acids, but is also a wonderful source as energy. The essential fats that are present in hemp have the ability to control food cravings, improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the body. Hemp seeds are very high in dietary fiber too.

Hemp protein benefits

Given below are some of the most common health benefits that have been associated with the consumption of hemp protein:

  • Boost of the immune system, thereby reducing the risks of many diseases
  • Increase in metabolism, as well as a reduction of food cravings, which helps people to lose weight at a faster pace
  • Higher amount of energy in the body, which is excellent for overall productivity in a person
  • Regulating the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol in the body, thereby improving overall health and wellbeing.

Hemp protein powder side effects

It is a well known fact that protein should only be consumed in the right doses, or else it could lead to certain side effects in the body. Therefore, most people consult doctors and fitness experts to find out about the possible hemp protein side effects, before adding this supplement to their daily diet. Since the protein in hemp seeds are natural and free of chemicals, they are regarded as being quite safe. Moreover, there are hardly any side effects of hemp protein that are known of. There are several people who look for information on hemp protein Vs whey protein too. One of the known setbacks of whey protein is that it gets digested and absorbed in the bloodstream quite quickly, which means that quite a few of its health enhancing abilities are destroyed by the liver, even before they can benefit the muscle tissue. It is important for people to bear in mind that it is neither regulated nor inspected by the FDA and therefore, there are no guarantees and assurances about its safety.

Hence, before adding hemp protein powder or any other protein supplement to a diet, it is essential to get an approval from a doctor.
Submitted on January 16, 2014