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Acai Berry Diet 
Acai berry has been discussed and debated very hotly in the recent times. Acai berry is obtained from a palm tree which is native to Brazil. This berry is a rich source of antioxidants and has many excellent uses when included in the daily diet. It is believed that acai berry can help in weight loss. 
The use of acai berry has become especially popular after Oprah Winfrey mentioned on one of her shows that she has incorporated the berry into her diet in order to lose weight. Acai berry is popular both in the fruit form and in the form of diet supplements and acai berry diet pills
There is no specific acai berry diet plan.
Most people who diet, however, add acai berries to their diet, in conjunction with other weight loss meals. Acai berry antioxidants are considered to be effective against carcinogenic free radicals. Acai berries may also be used along with colon cleansing products and other nutritional ingredients which not only cleanse the colon, but also help in reducing weight. 
The promotion of acai berry is basically done because of the large quantities of antioxidants contained in them. These antioxidants not only help lose weight, but also have other effects on the general well being of a person. Acai berries can help enhance vitality and can support and promote cardiovascular health. It is believed that with the help of an acai berry colon cleanse diet, you can get rid of pent up toxins in your body, boost immunity, improve mental acuity slow down the aging process, improve sleep, enhance vision, and also improve general health. 
Though there are many other such claims made by the proponents of an acai berry diet, the truth is that not all of these claims are supported by scientific research. Most of these claimed benefits are simply speculation and nothing else. Though not yet scientifically proven, the proponents of acai berries claim that the fruits contain a crucial combination of essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and amino acids. This unique combination of nutrients is claimed to improve metabolism and overall digestion. 
While most other diets recommend specific exercises to be performed along with the diet, the acai berry diet claims that the diet alone is sufficient to lose weight. If you do not have access to the acai berry fruit, which can be exceedingly expensive since it is imported from South America, you can also consume acai berry diet pills. These diet pills are made from acai berry extracts and can help promote weight loss. 
Like the fruit itself, the diet pills also do not have much scientific data backing their claims of promoting weight loss. While the real fruits are expensive, acai berry supplements, which are available in the form of purees, juices, capsules, and powder, cost around USD $40 to $80 per month. This depends largely on the kind of supplement you are ordering and the amount of dosage you are following. 
While there is an authentic body of research which supports many of the health claims made for acai berry, there have been many reports of scams where websites offer genuine acai berry products and end up selling inferior quality supplements which do not have much effect on the health. The claims of losing weight with acai berry themselves are largely unsubstantiated. 
However, since acai berry is an authenticated source of antioxidants, it is known that the fruit can help decrease the risks of developing diseases which affect people in their old age. Since the antioxidants help in slowing the aging process, diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disorders can be averted too. 

Submitted on January 16, 2014