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Aloe vera Properties and How to use Aloe Vera?

I heard aloe vera juice is good for health and skin. Do let me know how to use aloe vera juice?


Aloe vera juice is consumed by people across the world for the myriad amount of benefits that it provides. The juice helps to rebuild your hair and skin and it also improves digestion. Some people also use aloe vera gel that they mix with water or other suitable beverage.

Children and adults alike drink aloe vera juice to get rid of digestive disorders such as constipation and heart burn. Even athletes drink juice to build in their energy and stamina. So we see that the uses of aloe vera are many and varied.

Uses of Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Health Benefits

Who can use aloe vera?

Aloe vera juice can be drunk by anyone irrespective of sex and age. Children, adults and pregnant women drink the juice on a regular basis to maintain overall health. Some people also give the juice to their pets. As mentioned before, aloe vera juice can be used for treating digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis. Aloe vera juice can also increase the stability of the immune system of your body. It helps to decrease respiratory problems. You can have aloe vera in powder form where you mix with 1 ounce of the powder in a beverage. You can also have the powder directly from the spoon. Some people also make use of aloe vera gel that is mixed in a drink of their choice.
How is aloe vera made?

The leaves of the aero vera plant are filleted. The leaves contain a substance called aloin which is separated and the gel is then scraped from the leaves. The gel is hard when it is cut from the leaves but afterwards the gel turns into liquid. The amount of aloin is regulated by the manufacturers from the last item for the sap.

Other advantages

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, aloe vera helps to regulate the amount of stomach acids in the body. It helps the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. The body becomes more apt at eliminating waste materials and other toxic products through the excretory system. People also drink aloe vera as it helps in building the tissue of the digestive organs such as the small and the large intestine and also colon tissue and stomach. The juice helps in stimulating the fibroglasts to make fresh tissue. The fibroglasts are responsible for creating collagen and other compounds that are responsible for making fresh tissue. Aloe vera juice has cosmetic applications as well as it is quite successful in removing pimples and acne from the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the many medicinal plants that are known to have various benefits and uses in the field of medicine. In fact aloe vera gel is widely used for curing topical sores in the case of some diabetic patients as well as in healing various bruises, cuts and overall skin care. The various aloe vera uses or aloe vera benefits also include enhancing skin growth, acting as a highly effective pain killer and so on. In fact uses of aloe vera also include the preparation of an antiseptic from aloe vera which is used to kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and molds. The advantage of aloe vera when used on ones face also includes clearing of blemishes and even acne and acne scars. Some people even use aloe veral gel for hair which is known to also stop or prevent baldness. Aloe vera benefits for skin include helping in healing blisters and also promoting the growth of new skin cells thereby helping against scarring. Aloe vera benefits for digestion are also widely known as it is consumed by people to expel worms and in some cases it is also used as a purgative. In fact those suffering from jaundice are also known to heal faster with the use of aloe vera. One of the important extracts of the aloe vera plant is the juice aloe vera. There are various forms of aloe vera juice that are available commercially in the market. Aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice is also used as an important ingredient in quite a number of creams, lotions, shampoos and gels. Aloe vera juice is known to be rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, minerals and hence the advantages of aloe vera juice are numerous. Thus one may benefit from either using aloe vera as a supplemental diet or by simply having the juice as well.

Aloe vera benefits for digestion include improving the organism condition movement and also ones overall immune system. The consumption of aloe vera is also known to keep the stomach cool.  In fact aloe vera juice helps in controlling the production of stomach acids and thus maintains a balance in the individual’s stomach which is actually one of the most important benefits of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera benefits for face and overall skin is that it helps in the regeneration of tissue and skin cells and thereby is very soothing and effective in clearing scars and unsightly blemishes over a short period of time. Advantages of aloe vera for skin also include its effectiveness as a wrinkle remover, after shave lotion, for treating acne and also clearing pregnancy related stretch marks. Aloe vera benefits for the hair include conditioning of the scalp which also results in the scalp being clean, healthy and free from dandruff. Those who are keen on knowing how to use aloe vera for hair growth should first get themselves examined by a doctor as there are a number of reasons that may result in loss of hair such as illness, reaction to certain medications, deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals. Aloe vera plant is also used in the gel form on the scalp of those individuals who are going bald. Those who also want to know to make the optimum use of aloe vera plant can also prepare an aloe vera shampoo by combining some coconut milk and wheat germ oil. This shampoo that can be prepared from aloe vera gel is known to nourish the hair and also promote hair growth. This homemade aloe vera shampoo could be used each time one washes their hair. To gain the maximum advantage from aloe vera for hair one should combine the use of aloe vera and aloe vera products with a low protein and low fat diet as those consuming high animal protein and fat diet are known to cause medical reactions that result in hair loss. One of the aloe vera benefits is that it is highly effective in getting rid of pimples and acne. In order for the aloe vera to work, it has to be applied directly on the pimple as the aloe vera will then dry the pimple out and make it disappear as well as moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

Similarly, another one of the benefits of aloe vera is against scars or even burns. Many times these scars are known to appear in the form of pink or white lines on those parts of the skin where the injury or the trauma has taken place. Aloe vera gel   not only promotes fading of the scars but also makes the skin stronger by gently repairing it.  In most cases, it is always beneficial to use aloe vera on wounds or scars that are fresh as they have a higher chance of healing as aloe vera is able to rejuvenate the skin better. In addition to the advantages of aloe vera for the skin, one should also be aware that aleo vera is also used as pain relief. Hence if  a particular scar tends to hurt from time to time then some aloe vera gel can be applied on the scar for its soothing effect bringing the individual relief from the  pain. One of the ways of using the aloe vera plant is that it can be consumed by the person orally. If consumed orally then it is known to be beneficial against conditions like intestinal worms, congestion, prostrate problems and also urinary tract infections. In fact aloe vera can also be consumed as a general detoxifier. On account of its numerous benefits for the skin, aloe vera is also used to treat conditions like sunburns which may be caused on account of overexposure of the skin to the sun. Aloe vera juice is not known to have any side effects if consumed in moderation. However some aloe vera juice side effects are observed if it is consumed by those having a heart problem, in the form of an irregular heartbeat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014