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Diseases are caused due to an accumulation of toxins in the human body. Traditional allopathic medication tends to treat the symptoms caused due to the accumulation of these toxins, but does not treat the basic cause itself. On the other hand, natural forms of healing, such as juice therapy, heal the body by eliminating these toxins. Although the results are slower, the cure is affected completely.

 The therapy follows a natural progression.

In the first stage, the toxic wastes that have accumulated are loosened and mobilized. These are then re-absorbed by the blood stream so that they can be easily transported for excretion. Because the blood actually absorbs these toxins in order to transport them, there may be an aggravation of the symptoms during the initial stages of therapy. The manifestation of this aggravation depends on the age and health of the patient. Ultimately, natural therapies aim to cure the body by making it so strong and resilient that germs cannot develop inside it.

 Nature in all her glory has provided us with all the weapons that we need to combat disease and ill-health. All we need to do is to recognize them and utilize their resources. Let us take the example of lactating mothers. The composition of breast milk is such that it is ideal for the newborn baby. It gives the suckling infant a natural immunity and protection and is far better than any baby food that is prepared from a can. Refined foods of ten lack the nutrients that are to be found in unprocessed food. A simple meal made out of rye, barley, and ground oats is far more nourishing than any food that is served at a fancy restaurant. This philosophy is also utilized in juice therapy. Juice therapy seeks to treat the body by providing it with complete and wholesome nourishment straight from Mother Nature’s bosom.

 In order to live a healthy and productive life, it is essential that we move away from all manner of processed and refined foods and embrace the natural food sources that are given to us so abundantly. Do bear in that an abrupt change by adopting a holistic diet after years of feasting on junk food may temporarily cause symptoms such as diarrhea while your bloodstream struggles to flush out the accumulated toxins in your system.

Submitted on January 16, 2014