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Alfalfa Juice

There are a number of foods that provide essential nutrients to the body, for its smooth functioning. The alfalfa plant is known to be the ‘mother’ of all plants because of the high nutrition characteristics that it possesses. The root of the alfalfa plant is rather long and has been known to grow to approximately a hundred and twenty feet. The most interesting characteristic about the root of the alfalfa plant is the fact that when it is dried, it does not lose any of its property of Vitamin A or Vitamin C. The root can be dried and the vitamins extracted to be sold in the form of tablets or supplements, at a later period of time.
Alfalfa juice is also known to be extremely beneficial in providing the body with important nutrients because of the properties of the mother plant.

Alfalfa juice is primarily used in assisting weight gain in the body. Athletes who indulge in heavy training make it part of their diet so that they are able to gain weight and build muscle out of the weight they have gained. Alfalfa juice benefits are numerous. To begin with, it contains large amounts of nutrients required by the body for overall development. Besides this, it contains vitamin K which assists in the clotting of blood in the event of an open wound. It also assists in the regulating of pressure of the positive blood being circulated by the body, thereby avoiding high blood pressure. The alfalfa plant has certain properties that assist in the softening of hardened arteries, thereby enabling blood to flow through the circulatory system without difficulty. The result of boiling of alfalfa seeds is known as alfalfa sprout juice. Alfalfa sprout juice is a very effective method of gaining nutrients through natural means. Boiling the seeds of the alfalfa plant and consuming the stock will prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. Alfalfa juice concentrate is extremely strong and cannot be consumed alone. It must be combined with a fruit or vegetable juice so that the strength of the extract is reduced to a more palatable solution. The most widely used accompaniment for alfalfa juice is carrot juice. Carrot juice not only lowers the strength of the extract, but also makes it more tasteful and easy to consume. The alfalfa juice extract is extremely potent and is not easily palatable.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of alfalfa plant juice are innumerable, and extend to the curing of various respiratory and heart disorders. Being known for its diuretic properties, it can be consumed in the form of tea, with the seeds being boiled, to act on the kidneys and assist in the removal of waste from the body. Arthritis, stomach disorders and hair disorders are other problems that can be taken care of through the consumption of alfalfa juice. Being a natural product, there are no side effects to the use of the alfalfa plant as a remedy for numerous problems being faced by an individual.

Submitted on January 16, 2014