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Halloween Snacks

The best way to make sure that your kids don’t fill their stomachs with candy and other sugary treats on Halloween is to fill them up with nutritious Halloween snacks before they go out. Even though candy is the most traditional Halloween treat, it is no excuse to give your kids an overdose of it. Kids will eat absolutely anything that is presented to them in an appealing manner. Healthy Halloween snacks can be cleverly prepared using nutritious ingredients and can be presented to the kids as Halloween theme treats or make believe figurines. These will not only tempt the kids but would also be beneficial to their health.
Day to day fruits and vegetables can be used to make these simple but nutritious Halloween snacks for kids. Apples are sweet and would make healthy Halloween snacks for kids with a little bit of creativity. Playing games using apples or other fruits is always a hit at any party. You can float a number of apples in a water tub and get each kid to catch one using only their teeth and no hands. You can do this till each of them has an apple or wait till they get bored and then distribute the remaining apples to the kids who don’t have one. This way you can turn healthy fruits into great kids Halloween snacks.

Fruits can be easily turned into various Halloween treats because they are easy to work with. Simple grapes can be peeled and served as eyeballs in a dim lit party to give it that ghostly feel and kids will surely enjoy this spooky treat. Bananas can be peeled, cut in half, soaked in orange juice and coated with shredded coconut pieces. These can be mounted on ice cream sticks or popsicle sticks with black currents for eyes and kept in the freezer for a while. These boo-nanas would make a great frozen Halloween snack for the kids. Easy Halloween snacks can be made from vegetables which can be very creative and appealing to kids. Since vegetables come in different shapes and sizes, with a little imagination, you can even create a mixed vegetable skeleton as a treat. Pumpkins can be carved out and used as containers for healthy dips like hummus, salsa and other low fat yogurt dips. The seeds from the pumpkin can also be roasted with salt and olive oil to prepare a crunchy treat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014