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Syndrome X Diet

Syndrome X can be used to describe a condition, where people experience severe pain in the chest, but there are no blockages in the arteries of the heart. It has been seen that syndrome X is a lot more common in women, than it is in men, as almost 70% of the patients are women. This is usually diagnosed after a person undergoes an angiogram or perhaps even after an x ray of the arteries. The exact reasons for syndrome x are still not clear, though there are many theories that have been propounded. Unlike heart patients, people suffering from syndrome X do not appear to be at a high risk of suffering from a heart attack or an early death.
However, most people who do suffer from this condition normally experience chest pain even after they undergo treatment. There are various medicines that can be prescribed for patients with syndrome x. However, many health experts claim that one of the best ways to control the condition is by following a syndrome x diet on a long term basis.

A syndrome X diet is an eating plan, which is followed by people who experience chronic chest pain, even though there is no blockage in the arteries or the heart. It is believed that a syndrome X diet plan enables a person to lose any excess weight, in order to reduce the risks of heart diseases, or other conditions that could arise because of obesity. People who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) reading of more than 40 and experience chest pain, without any known cause could be asked to switch over to a metabolic syndrome X diet. Apart from syndrome X food, the diet also requires people to follow a workout routine.

Like all other healthy eating plans, a syndrome x diet advises people to eat those foods that are healthy, including fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, whole grains, skinless poultry, fish, beans, legumes, nuts seeds and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. It is also important for a patient to increase the consumption of water. Just like there are certain foods that are a part of syndrome X diet recipes, there are others that should be strictly avoided by those who have been diagnosed with this condition. Syndrome X diet menus should eliminate the consumption of fat (especially trans-fat), processed foods, bad carbs, alcohol, carbonated drinks, caffeine, sugar (including high fructose corn syrup) and refined grains. It is also important for people to quit smoking if they are in the habit.

Syndrome X Food Supplements

A diet and exercise play a very important role in the treatment of syndrome X, but there are certain herbal supplements too that can help improve the symptoms of this condition. The syndrome x dietary supplements could be quite useful when it comes to addressing the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome. However, it has been seen that most people prefer using natural supplements, high in minerals and vitamins, as there are fewer side effects associated with it. Some of the most highly recommended syndrome X diet supplements used are hawthorn, fenugreek, turmeric, bitter melon and chromium. In some cases, doctors may advise people to supplement their diets with a multivitamin or B complex vitamin tablets.

There are many people who follow the recommendations of a syndrome X diet which have been published in a book. There is also a lot of information on the ideal syndrome X diet, supplements, foods, recipes and so on, available through online resources. However, before following any of the tips and guidelines on a syndrome x diet, it is absolutely essential for people to get a go ahead from a doctor.  
Submitted on January 16, 2014