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Smoking And Consequences Of Smoking

Still smoking?  Better quit smoking now.  Good reasons to quit smoking are freedom from lung and mouth cancer. Not still satisfied? Then perhaps it will help you to know what you are in for.   Lung cancer is the most common cancer. There are 1.3 million cases diagnosed every year.  Smoking puts smokers at risk for other types of cancers including throat cancer and mouth cancer. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, loss of appetite, fatigue, coughing up phlegm with blood, and loss of weight – then better see a doctor.

Or, before you get any of those symptoms of lung cancer, quit now.

Effects Of Smoking And Cancer Treatment

When you get lung cancer you will undergo chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation or a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.  This will be determined in consideration of your health and the type of lung cancer. There are two kinds of lung cancer – small cell lung cancer and non-small lung cancer.  

Symptoms for mouth cancer range from an ulcer or sore, or a red and white patch in the mouth. There may be unexplained pain in the mouth or ear, lump in the neck. Sore or painful throat, difficulty in swallowing, and a croaky voice are also signs to be taken seriously. Throat cancer maybe signaled by numbness or paralysis of facial muscles; facial pain, and frequent neck pain. These symptoms must be assessed as early as possible for successful treatment.

Chemotherapy is the major method of treating small lung cancer. This will help people wit the disease live longer. Sometime chemo radiation, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation is used. Surgery is may be used to remove cancerous growth on the lungs. Chemotherapy or chemo radiation follows to destroy remaining cancer cell. In some cases, the head is subjected to radiotherapy. This helps reduce the spread of cancer to the brain and works well for small cell lung cancer.  In advanced cases of small cell lung cancer, radiotherapy is applied to relieve pain.

There are new alternative medical options to treat lung cancer and other smoking-related cancers. New nutritional programs and naturopathic medicine are new weapons against cancer. The curative powers of nature are always integrated into cancer treatment programs.

The treatment can be nauseous and debilitating. You also have to contend with accompanying financial and emotional stress. Your family will suffer greatly because you cannot quit smoking. Start your fight against lung cancer and other forms of deadly diseases now—quit smoking!

Submitted on March 18, 2009