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Fitness Workout

Fitness workout routines are usually categorized into three basic categories. The first of course, is the beginner’s fitness workout plan, then comes the intermediate physical fitness workout, and finally the advance fitness workout program.

The beginner’s routine is fairly simply and in this, a person has to workout about three times a week. In addition to the fitness workout, five to ten minutes of warm up exercises are also necessary. Cardio vascular activities can be followed up with some light stretching. Here are some specific exercises for specific parts of your body.
  • Shoulders: A barbell military press can be performed.
    Begin with 2 sets of exercises and repeat 11 - 12 times.
  • Back: A lateral pull down can be performed. Begin with 2 sets and repeat 12 times. You can also perform the cable seated low row, which can be performed in 2 sets and repeated 12 times.
  • Chest: A decline close grip bench press is an excellent fitness center workout. Begin with 2 sets and repeat 12 times. Also try out the cable chest press. Perform 2 sets and repeat 12 times.
  • Arms: To strengthen the arms, perform the seated triceps extension. Begin with 2 sets and repeat 12 times. You can also try out the dumbbell biceps curl and cable close grip pull down, both of which should be performed in double sets and repeated at least 12 times.
  • Legs: The leg press is an excellent exercise for the legs. In this you lift slight weights with your legs, strengthening your hamstrings and your calves. Perform 2 sets and repeat 12 times. Other exercises you can perform to strengthen legs are the dead lift and the machine leg curl. Both of these should be performed in sets of 2 with 15 and 12 repetitions respectively.
  • Ab workout: When you strengthen your abdomen, your core becomes stronger and the spine is sufficiently supported by your body. If your core is stronger, you receive fewer back injuries in your life. You can lift more weights and can also carry a better posture. All of this is possible if your abdominal core is strong.
There are several abdominal workout routines that should be added to your regular workouts. These workouts are extremely important because they can help you keep your abdomen strong. Start up with a slow warm up exercise and follow it up with running and cycling. Then you can move on to performing the following exercises.
  • Kneeling Cable Crunch should be performed 10 to 15 times a day.
  • Pulse ups helps you improve the heart rate and burn calories. This should be performed 12 times a day
  • Side crunches can help you work on your obliques as well as your love handles. Repeat at least 12 times a day.
  • Oblique V up is another exercise which helps you improve your obliques. You can perform this exercise 10-15 times, depending on your own comfort.
  • Back raises help tone down the back, shoulder and arm muscles. This is a home fitness workout and can be repeated 10-12 times.
  • An inclined reverse crunch can be performed 10-12 times a day and helps build abdominal and back muscles.
For a lot of people, fitness workouts mean enhancing the muscular structure and adding muscular bulk to the body. Muscles grow in size through any workout regimen. While some workouts simply tone the muscles and help them relax, the others allow them to increase in size and build bulk. It completely depends on you, what you want from your workout. Since a workout essentially stimulates your body and rejuvenates muscles, you can always switch from one kind of regimen to another. However, this change should be made gradually, allowing your body enough time. Rest between workouts is as important as the workout itself, or you can simply end up damaging your muscles by overworking them.
Submitted on January 16, 2014