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genetically modified crops

  • Healthy Diet And Diet Chart For Nutritious Diet - Types Of Diets
    Different Types Of Diet For Good HealthA deep insight into the components of a balanced diet is essential for deriving maximum benefits.  A nutritious diet is devoid of trans fats and is a good source of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. The calorie intake depends on the[...]

  • Balanced, Healthy, Normal Dietary Requirement for Adults
    Balanced Diet for AdultsAwareness of what constitutes a healthy diet is present in most adults, though not many translate this knowledge into definitive action to consume a balanced diet. A balanced diet for adults includes a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrates with a high fiber content to provide the energy[...]

  • Weight and Obesity Management Techniques
    Weight Management: Obesity An ideal body weight is most conducive to good health. This ideal body weight varies for each individual. It is up to every individual to take the initiative to ensure that his or her body weight does not vary more than 2 kilograms of the ideal body[...]

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