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  • Treatment of Cholera and Diet to Be Followed
    Cholera DietBefore the onset of dehydration, the treatment should aim at combating the loss of fluids and salts from the body. To allay thirst, the patient should sip water, soda water or green coconut water. Even these may be thrown out by vomiting. Therefore only small quantities of Water should[...]

  • Follow Diet Tips to Treat Uric Acid Kidney Stones
    Diet for uric acid kidney stone patient: What is the uric acid diet for stones?Kidney stones are a type of kidney stones (5-15%) which results from high uric acid levels in the body (urine). A high level of uric acid in the urine (low pH) that is not[...]

  • Low Cholesterol Diet controls cardiac problems, hypertension high cholesterol levels
    Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan Cholesterol lowering diet plan proves beneficial for individuals with cardiac problems, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. This diet includes low fat and low cholesterol foods. About 25 to 35 per cent of the daily calories in a low cholesterol diet are derived from fat. Increase[...]

  • Weight Gain Diet Plans | Fast Way to Gain Weight | Healthy Ways to Gain Weight
    When you want to gain weight, diet and nutrition form the important factors. There are many weight gain diet plans that can help you achieve your goal. The foods to be included in these meals that will help you to gain weight include dairy products, fish,[...]

  • Complex Carbohydrates Diet Plan | Best Detox Diet With Carbohydrate Foods
    Carbohydrate Diet Plan For Low Carb Diet And Healthy NutritionWhat are complex carbohydrates? Our diets contain two types of carbohydrates – simple and complex. We get our carbohydrates from many kinds of foods such as cereals, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. All these are broken down to form[...]

  • Balanced Diet Food Chart | Weight Loss Food Chart | Healthy Diet Food
    A diet food chart is particularly beneficial for individuals on a weight loss diet. A weight loss food chart recommends the standard measure for consumption of foods from within each food group[...]

  • Constipation Diet Plan | Causes Of An Unhealthy Diet | Unhealthy Diet & Constipation
    Constipation diet - A constipation diet generally includes those foods that help add bulk to the stools, making them easier to pass.Foods that should be avoided in a constipation diet are those that contain refined flour.[...]

  • Nutritious Summer Diet Tips and Plans to keep your body hydrated
    Summer Diet Tips  A well hydrated body helps in easy metabolic functions. Summer reminds of sweat and dehydration. Adequate intake of water helps in hydrating the body and rejuvenating the same. It also helps in the removal of toxins, drugs and other metabolites. Replacement of fluid loss, especially[...]

  • Miso Nutrients for Vegan - Benefits and Concerns
    MisoEvery individual loves variety in their diets, especially with modern transportation import of healthy foods around the world has become simpler these days. Miso is a famous salted Japanese soybean fermented paste increasingly becoming popular in the west. Miso soup is generally served in breakfast in Japan and contains various[...]

  • Types of Soluble Fiber Foods - Characteristics and Food Choices
    Soluble fiber foodsFiber is an important part of the human diet. The human digestive system is a complicated system that is very long. The upper part of the digestive system is related to consumption. This part is less complicated. It allows the simple movement of food that has been chewed[...]

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