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weight gain

  • Healthy Ways & Exercise Tips to Gain Weight for Women
    How to gain weight for womenThere are several women, all across the globe who are trying very hard to either lose weight or stay thin, by dieting or working out regularly. Ironically, there are also many young girls and women who are too thin and are therefore looking for effective[...]

  • Weight Reduction Diet Chart To Lose Weight
    Weight Loss for Kids and Tips to make a Diet Chart The weight for your 10 year old girl falls in the normal BMI according to her height. So the main focus should be on providing a healthy diet and inculcating healthy eating habits at this stage to maintain an[...]

  • Dietary Tips & Exercise for Girls to Gain Weight Quickly
    How to gain weight fast for girlsIn today’s world, it is important to have a figure or a physique that looks fit and well toned. On one hand being overweight can be quite a problem, but on the other, most people, especially women, do not want to be[...]

  • Weight training exercises, in addition to cardiovascular ones, prove effective in weight gain
    Underweight due to inadequate intake of calories: I am 22 years and 33 kilos. I want to improve my body size.[...]

  • Healthy Weight Gain Tips | Gaining Weight Diets | Eating Healthy
    It is not difficult to gain unhealthy weight. However, the trick is to gain healthy weight. The following few healthy weight gain tips will ensure that you gain weight naturally and in a healthy manner.[...]

  • Increase Your Body Muscle Mass by Exercise
    Increase your body muscle mass: I am 6 feet 72kgs; give me body building exercise chart to gain weight.Weight gain with body building exercise may seem an odd goal in this world where almost everyone is obsessed to get skinny. You can gain muscle mass with bodybuilding exercise and[...]

  • Home Remedies For Reducing Belly Fat | Weight Loss Diet
    Lose Weight Quickly And Effectively - Tips To Reduce Belly Fat Belly fat can be hard to get rid off. It takes a combination of different remedies to make it go away. Belly fat is especially stubborn and so exercises that target the core muscles are an essential foundation. These can[...]

  • Weight Gain Supplements - Types, Facts and Health Benefits
    Weight Gain SupplementsWeight gain supplements assist the human body to acquire mass. Weight gain supplements provide carbohydrate, protein, and fats and complement the daily diet. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use weight gain supplements to boost their muscle mass. However, weight gain supplements are best taken under proper supervision and[...]

  • Weight Gain Techniques and Healthy Ways to Gain Weight
    How to Gain Weight HealthilyI am a 17 year old girl, 5'9 in height and weighing 47 kgs. I want to gain weight. Can you please help me out with some weight gaining techniques?You are much below your ideal body weight because according to your height your[...]

  • How to Gain Weight Even with Fast Metabolism
    How to gain weight with a fast metabolismMetabolism is the process where food is converted into energy and heat. It is the method used by the body to generate energy. Energy is required for every single body process, be it the tiniest production of cells or intensive exercise. Metabolism occurs[...]

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