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low calorie recipes

  • Low Calorie Cooking with Low Calorie Spinach Omelet
    Low Calorie Omelet Recipes: Tex-Mex Spinach Omelet Ingredients: 4 whole eggs or 1 cup frozen or refrigerated egg product cup baby spinach cup whole corn kernel, frozen cup red peppers, chopped 2 tablespoon red onions, chopped 2 tablespoon fresh cilantro, snipped and divided in 2 parts Salt to taste[...]

  • 1400 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    A 1400 calorie vegetable meal plan helps most active people lose weight and inactive people maintain a weight that is healthy. A 1400 calorie vegetarian meal plan for women is the same as that for men, and if followed consistently, offers a number of health benefits. If you plan going[...]

  • Pea Soup Recipes With Dilled Buttermilk
    Dilled Buttermilk Pea Soup Easy Cooking Recipes Pea Soup Mix Ingredients 1 cup fresh green peas 1/8 cup onions, finely chopped cup fresh spinach cup buttermilk, low fat tablespoon dill can chicken broth, reduced sodium (about 7 ounces) Freshly ground black pepper to taste 1/8 teaspoon salt Dill[...]

  • Liquid Diet Recipes and Nutritional Benefits
    Liquid Diet RecipesLiquid Diet Weight Loss – Liquid diets are a popular option for dieters as a quick and effective solution for weight loss and also for patients recovering from certain medical conditions (like jaw surgery, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on) that make it difficult to consume a solid diet[...]

  • Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Ideas for Working Adults
    Low Calorie Lunch IdeasLunch can be a challenging meal. If you are at work, sometimes, the easiest option is to grab something from the nearest fast food joint. However, that is not the healthiest option, nor is it the cheapest. If you are looking to lose some weight, here are[...]

  • Lunch Ideas with Healthy High Calorie Foods
    High Calorie Lunch Calories are probably the most used term as well as the most misunderstood term when it comes to weight loss and weight gain. More and more people are becoming accustomed to such terms as well as weight loss programs and diet strategies in a world where obesity[...]

  • Calorie Trimmed Potato Salad Recipes
    Calorie Curtailed Recipe With Potatoes Potato Salad Ingredients Tofu - twelve ounce packet (use the soft silken style for this preparation). Tofu is bean curd. Garlic - one clove (minced into small pieces) Red or Yukon gold potatoes - three pounds Mustard - one tablespoon Whole milk or pickle juice - as required Hard cooked[...]

  • Wild Fried Rice And Apple Salad Recipes
    Apple Salad Recipes With Cold Wild Rice Apple Salad Ingredients: 3 ounce long grained rice and wild rice mix medium apple cider, rinsed, cored and sliced cup seedless grapes, halved 1 tablespoon snipped cilantro tablespoon cider vinegar 1/8 cup apple juice or orange juice A dash of freshly ground[...]

  • Stubborn belly fat | Reducing belly fat | Reduce belly fat
    Belly fat reduction: How to reduce belly?[...]

  • Golden Sparkler Appetizer Drink Recipes Before Supper
    Delicious Natural Golden Sparkler Drink Recipes Golden Sparkler Drink Ingredients: 20 half orange slices to prepare fruited ice cubes 3 cups fresh unsweetened orange juice 3 cups apricot nectar 1 sparkling water 2 cups ice cubes Water to prepare fruited ice cubes Method: To prepare fruited ice cubes, place a[...]

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