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heart attack

  • Psoriasis Diet | Psoriasis Diet Treatment |Food For Psoriasis

  • Symptoms, Types and Dietary Treatment of Angina
    Angina Info and Natural Angina TreatmentWhat is Angina?Angina is the pain or discomfort that occurs in the chest. It usually appears when any part of the heart muscle does not get sufficient oxygenated blood. You feel pressure or squeezing in your chest. This can also be followed by pain[...]

  • Best Common Foods that Fight Health Problems
    The healing powers of foods to decrease the symptoms of some common ailments and disease have been known to mankind since ages. Variety should be what we should insist on, as one food alone is not able to provide all the health benefits. To keep the health problems like diabetes[...]

  • Foods to Avoid While Treating Dysentery at Home
    Dysentery Diet, FoodsOne of the most common illnesses that affect people is dysentery. Dysentery can be caused by a number of elements, the primary cause being contaminated water. The most alarming fact about dysentery is that it can cause dehydration, which is extremely harmful to the body. A severe case[...]

  • Healthy Heart Diet for Cardiac Patients with Low Sodium Content
    Simple Cardiac Diet For Better Heart Health - Heart Healthy DietWhat is the importance of the heart and of cardiac health? The heart is the organ which helps to pump blood throughout our body. The blood carries oxygen and other vital nutrients, which are important for the functioning of all the[...]

  • Crookneck Summer Squash | Recipes | Squash Ingredients
    Crookneck Summer Squash No. of Servings: 1 Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Squash Ingredients: Crookneck summer squash, sliced cup Margarine or low fat butter tablespoon Preparing Crookneck Squash: Add water to a large saucepan and place on medium heat. Add the slices of crookneck summer squash and[...]

  • Home Remedies For Palpitation | How To Stop Palpitations Symptoms And Palpitations Anxiety
    Causes Of Palpitations And Home Remedies For Palpitations Treatment Individuals with palpitations usually benefit from natural sedatives in order to subdue the symptoms of palpitation temporarily. Since there are many kinds of palpitations, specific therapies and treatments are usually dependent on the diagnosis of the palpitation. In patients who have[...]

  • Mustard Plant | Mustard seeds
    Mustard seedsMustard seeds are derived from mustard plant that is a cruciferous vegetable related to cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Mustard seeds have been used traditionally in various folk medicine treatments in Asia, Greece and Egypt. The products of mustard seeds are believed as a constant source of bioenergy that[...]

  • Know some Intersting Facts and Uses of Vitamin E or Tocopherol
    VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) – The Anti-Ageing FactorVitamin E or Tocopherols are readily soluble in fat solvents. Chlorine or chlorinated water, iron compounds and estrogen can interfere or destroy Vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E in the diet is absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract. This is stored[...]

  • Bad Fats for Health: Red Meat, Fast Foods, Alcohol, Caffeine and More
    Really Bad Fats Red Meat – It is high in fat and is very bad for the arteries and can cause heart attack and stroke. It has also been implicated in the development of breast, colon and prostate cancer.Potato Chips and French Fries – They are high in saturated[...]

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