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weight management

  • Negative Calorie Diet And Foods For Weight Reduction
    Diet Foods And Negative Calorie Diet Chart What is negative calorie diet? Can you suggest some foods which can constitute negative calorie diet for weight reduction? Negative calorie diet is a term used for low nutrition foods that need more energy to digest. Great for those who want to loose[...]

  • Diet for Increasing Weight | Exercises, Fruits to Increase Weight
    To gain weight, increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to provide all the essential nutrients. Eat five meals, instead of the regular three meals.[...]

  • Bananas For Diabetes | Is Banana Bread, Dessert Good For Type 2 & Gestational Diabetic Patient
    Green and ripe bananas should be taken in moderation by a diabetic. Banana muffins for diabetes should be prepared with minimal sugar or artificial sweeteners.[...]

  • Carbon Footprint Facts and Effective Land Management
    Carbon Footprint Facts: Concepts such as “carbon footprints” and “food miles”, though very popular with the public, need to be reconsidered and examined in detail. The emissions of greenhouse gas that help produce food and that are involved in transporting it to the consumer, need to[...]

  • Healthy Weight Control - an Introduction
    Healthy Weight Control - An IntroductionHealthy weight makes one look and feel better, whereas excess weight can be associated with lots of life-threatening diseases. Earlier excess weight gain was considered a disease of the wealthy. But nowadays even developing and poor countries are facing similar problems. Over the years our[...]

  • Home Remedies: Natural Treatment for Diabetes | Reducing Blood Sugar Levels
    Home Remedies for Treating Diabetes Types of Diabetes: Diabetes can be of two types Type 1 (insulin-dependent) and Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent). While Type 1 can develop in childhood or adolescence, Type 2 usually occurs among adults over 40, especially if they are obese. The symptoms of diabetes[...]

  • Tummy Reduction Exercise and Tips for Weight Loss
    Exercise Tips for Weight Loss and Tummy Fat Reduction Most women gain fat around their abdominal region. No matter what you call it, a baby belly or mummy tummy, it is often embarrassing. I can understand your situation but its you who will have to work towards it. Try[...]

  • Effect Of Diet Pills And Diet Pills Weight Loss Supplements
    Weight Loss with Diet Pills and Natural Formula Pills Diet pills are not magic potions that help in weight loss. They do not result in overnight wonders! They take their own time to react, a few days to months. A number of pills are available, devoid of prescriptions. These might[...]

  • Grains for Diabetes - Whole, Cereal, Sprouted Uses and Benefits
    Grains For DiabetesDiabetes refers to a situation where the body loses its capacity to naturally produce the required levels of insulin in the body. The sugar levels in the blood then soar quite high as the glucose does not get absorbed into the tissues of the body. This common ailment[...]

  • Amount Of Calories Per Day | Daily Calorie Intake | Average Daily Calorie Intake
    daily calorie intake - It is generally recommended that the calorie intake for males should be around 2700 calories, and for women, the requirement should be around 2000 per day.[...]

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