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metabolism booster

  • Benefits of Drinking Coffee and Diet for Fatigue
    Fatigue can broadly be defined as mental or physical exhaustion. It is considered a negative force, and under severe conditions can be completely debilitating. Fatigue leads to a feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. Fatigue may have varied causes, but simply changing your diet and eating right may be[...]

  • Exercise increases appetite for diet and thereby helps in weight gain
    Diet plays a vital role in weight gain: I am 1.68cm tall, 58kg weight. How can I increase my weight especially for face and shoulders?[...]

  • Losing Weight with Antidepressant | Best Antidepressant For Weightloss
    Best Antidepressant For Weight Loss- It is important to consult a doctor before taking any kind of antidepressant for weight loss.antidepressants help in weight loss, they are only approved for treating depression.[...]

  • Tips to Burn 2500 Calories a Day in a Healthy Manner
    Burning 2500 CaloriesHow to Burn 2500 Calories a DayWhen the energy expenditure equals the energy intake, then the risk of body weight gain is less. Negative energy balance, in terms of decrease in calorie expenditure, in comparison to the intake results in weight gain. When the deficit in expenditure is[...]

  • Weight Training Exercise Benefits | Weight Lifting Exercises
    Weight Training Benefits: What are the advantages of weight training exercises? Please give me some useful health tips.[...]

  • What are the Health Benefits of Consuming Vitamin B
    Vitamin B Benefits Vitamin B benefits the system by a number of functions. It is a complex encompassing eight vitamins that are water soluble. They boost the immunity of the body and enhance the nervous system. The skin and muscles are kept healthy. Cell division and growth are also[...]

  • Ideal Healthy Weight for Women by Age and Height
    Ideal Weight For Women By Age And HeightIdeal weight for women (by age and height) is calculated based on one’s age and height.  This index was introduced and implemented in the late nineteenth century.  Several modifications later, this ratio between height and weight is now recognized[...]

  • Sudden Weight Gain
    Sudden Weight Gain: Someone please help me with sudden weight gain - what is sudden weight gain and how does it happen?[...]

  • How Effective is Weight Training for weight Loss
    Weight Training For Weight LossDo you want to lose that unnecessary weight? Have you been trying to do so but so far did not see any results? Then do some weight training. Indeed, using weight training for weight loss is highly effective. In fact, it is not only effective but[...]

  • Tamarind Juice Health Benefits, Nutrition and Side Effects
    Tamarind Juice Health BenefitsThe tamarind pod is brown in color and contains the pulp and seeds within. The pulp of the tamarind is sour when raw and turns sweet as it ripens. This pulp is used to make tamarind juice which has a sweetish sour taste. It is a popular[...]

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