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jaundice treatment

  • Stages of Jaundice and Symptoms of Liver Problems | Jaundice Symptoms
    Stages of Cirrhosis and Jaundice Therapy Jaundice is a condition, which affects the liver of the individual. It is not a disease on its own. It indicates the presence of certain underlying conditions. The first stage of jaundice involves the increase in the yellow pigment, bile, in the body. It[...]

  • Cholangitis - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
    Cholangitis Types - Ascending, Primary, Secondary SclerosingCholangitis is a condition wherein the biliary tract of the individual gets infected. It is generally caused due to a bacterial infection, and may occur when the biliary duct or tract is blocked due to something like a tumor or gallstone. The infection that is[...]

  • Information about Junk Food and Jaundice Prevention
    Jaundice Prevention and Junk Food HealthCan junk food be taken in Jaundice or it has to be totally liquid diet? What kind of junk food can we eat in juandice?As far as possible avoid consuming junk foods for a few days till your bilirubin levels go down. For the[...]

  • Jaundice Diet - Foods to Eat, Treatment Charts for Patients
    Jaundice Diet Treatment The simple form of jaundice can be cured rapidly by diet therapy and exercises. Recovery will, however, be slow in serious cases which have been caused by obstruction or pressure in the bile ducts. The patient should rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside.The[...]

  • Effective Diet For The Treatment Of Mononucleosis
    Liquid Diet For Mononucleosis Infection Treatment How effective is diet in the treatment of mononucleosis? Please suggest some healthy fruits and liquid diet for the same A healthy diet, along with complete and absolute rest plays an extremely important role in the treatment of mononucleosis. Instead of adopting a completely[...]

  • Teenage Acne And Acne Diet
    Please suggest some healthy diet for teenage acne and pimples. I got pimples on my face and no cosmetic or creams is helping me. Hope good diet does?[...]

  • Diet Chart, Plan and Recovery Time for Typhoid Patients
    Typhoid Diet Typhoid and jaundice, both these conditions take some time to recover. So be patient and follow the medications prescribed by your specialist. Along with those follow these diet tips for faster recovery –Usually a patient suffering from jaundice and typhoid has a low appetite and feels nauseous[...]

  • Hemorrhoid Foods Fiber Diet | Milk, Garlic, Yogurt and Apple Cider Vinegar For Piles
    A high fiber diet for hemorrhoids not only helps in boosting digestion but also helps prevent constipation. Apple cider vinegar for internal hemorrhoids and bleeding is effective.[...]

  • Good Summer Drinks | Best Healthy Soft Drinks For Kids During Summer
    The most popular summer drink is lemonade. Lemon juice, like all citrus fruit based drinks, is very refreshing. This drink will help to provide the child with the sugars, salts, and fluids that he or she requires to prevent dehydration.[...]

  • Treatment for dandruff | Treatment on hair loss
    Our site provides information and remedies on dandruff, hair loss and oily hair[...]

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