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stomach ulcer diet

  • Healing Benefits of Marshmallow
    MarshmallowDried root and leaves (peeled or unpeeled) of marshmallow are used in herbal preparations and leaf and roots of marshmallow are used in commercial preparations. According to the time of collection the actual mucilaginous content in a commercial product would vary. Marshmallow is not assessed alone for its safety and[...]

  • Dietary Tips and Natural Treatment for Hyperacidity
    Treatment For Hyperacidity Troubles And Foods For AcidityWhen you eat, your food is processed for assimilation of the nutrients to the body, which is facilitated by the process of digestion. Digestion is a process in which food is subjected to churning movements in the stomach and intestines in the acidic[...]

  • Natural Remedies for Stomach Disorders
    Treatment for Stomach Disorder and Remedies for Nervous StomachCan you please suggest me some remedy for stomach disorder?Yes, there are a number of home remedies for stomach ailments. Let me explain to you a little about stomach disorders, their causes before I go on to give you some remedies[...]

  • Vitamins in Fruits | Fruits Nutritional Facts | Importance of Fruits
    Many people are aware of the importance of fruits and are used to eating fruits after dinner. However, one must eat fruits only on an empty stomach or before meals. Consuming a whole fruit is way better than drinking juice.[...]

  • Pumpkin Extract Helps in Insulin Production
    Pumpkin Extract And InsulinInsulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas of the human body. It is a vital product that is used for the process of sugar absorption in the body. Sugar is one of the primary fuels for energy that is produced in the human body[...]

  • Gastritis Treatment | Gastritis Causes And Symptoms | Gastritis Diet
    The gastritis symptoms and treatment to be most effective, you must also include breathing exercises and other mild exercises like swimming and walking. By maintain a healthy diet and getting sufficient exercise, you will be able to get rid of gastritis.[...]

  • Chili Pepper | Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne PepperCayenne pepper, also referred to as chili pepper is spicy and is a vital part of every seasoning. It belongs to the capsicum family. It was primarily grown in a French town and is botanically known as Capsicum frutenscens. Capsaicin is the chemical component contributing to the spicy nature[...]

  • Medicinal Properties and Side Effects of Seaweed (Bladderwrack)
    Seaweed Healing PropertiesFucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack – brown algae) is brown seaweed that can be easily recognized from its prominent bladder like alignment on either side of the midrib. This grows on the northern coast of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and also in North and Baltic Sea. A brown seaweed[...]

  • Health Benefits and Nutrients of Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits, NutritionCayenne pepper is a spicy hot member of the capsicum family and is usually used in Indian cuisine as well as other Asian and South American cuisines. It is known to add flavor to dishes and is additionally referred to as the Guinea spice or bird[...]

  • Healthy diet and exercise are a good alternative to drugs to loose weight
    Drugs to reduce weight are temporary: Is it good to go on drugs in order to loose weight and fat in tummy?[...]

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