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  • Beef Supplements And Alternatives For Beef
    Beef Supplements And Livestock Supplements General motors diet suggests beef but I am vegetarian. Can you suggest some other vegetarian supplement for beef? Please suggest a few healthy dietary options too The General Motors diet (commonly known as GM diet) is a diet program developed by the company General Motors[...]

  • Recommended Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss
    Whey protein powderIn order to lose weight, one needs to have healthy dietary habits and perform regular physical activity. If there is no proper exercise regimen in place and if the diet does not restrict calorie intake, weight loss is not likely to happen. Those who are following a healthy[...]

  • Fish Oil Health Benefits For Joints, Cholesterol, Weight Loss
    Salmon, mackerel, trout, pilchards and sardines all count as oily fish, whether canned or fresh. The health benefits of fish oil are that they contain fewer harmful fats and calories. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help prevent heart disease.[...]

  • Protein Fast Diet Plan and Healthy Food Choices
    Protein sparing modified fast Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients such as fluids, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber all provide the body with the necessary fuel to create energy. An individual who follows a protein sparing modified fast diet plan reduces the amount of protein in his/her diet by consuming[...]

  • List of Protein Rich Foods for a Healthy Diet
    Protein is one of the most essential factors of any healthy diet, primarily due to the fact that as a nutrient, it is instrumental in the development of those building blocks that consist of the immune system, the muscles as well as some of the other parts of the human[...]

  • Weight Loss Diet to Strengthen Abs | Abs Diet Foods List | Abs Diet 12 Power Foods
    Abs Diet Food - The abs diet 12 power foods are foods that are recommended for people who wish to pursue this diet. The abs diet also recommends that processed foods and heavy meats are avoidable.[...]

  • Health and Nutritional Benefits of Low Fat Protein Diet
    Protein low fat dietOne of the most popular diets today is the high protein diet. It is based on a very simple premise: no matter what goals you set for yourself a protein low fat diet can be beneficial for you. This type of diet works great whether you want[...]

  • Advice on 3 Hour Diet | 3 Hour Diet Meal Plan | 3 Hour Diet Review
    The 3 hour diet menu calls for the individual to consume about 3 meals a day along with 2 snacks and a treat. Iincrease the effectiveness of the 3 hour diet, by adding healthy low calorie foods in 3 hour diet meal plan.[...]

  • Vegetarian Protein Powder, Recipes | Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods
    Vegetarian ProteinProtein is an important component of good health. It helps to build muscle and tissue. Individuals who perform weight training are advised to incorporate a greater amount of protein in order to build their bodies. Protein supplements are also quite popular. It is commonly believed that only non-vegetarian[...]

  • Best Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Protein Powder
    What is the best protein powder? There are probably hundreds of body building supplements that claim to be the best protein powder, mainly because of the high quality that are ingredients used in them. However, since people can use protein supplements for various reasons, there is no specific “best[...]

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