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irritable bowel syndrome

  • Information, Facts and Side Effects of Senna for Kids and Women
    Senna Information & Facts Senna, a shrub native to Asia and the tropics, is renowned for its purgative and laxative properties, especially with respect to cleansing the lower alimentary canal. A dose of senna medication can break a cycle of severe constipation. It is also administered when soft stool needs[...]

  • Lentils - Nutritional Value and Health Benefits
    LentilsLike other beans and legumes, lentils also have an impressive nutrient profile, but they are not considered complete food. Lentils can be cooked quickly and easily as compared to other beans and readily absorb various flavors of other foods and seasonings in which they are cooked. Lentils are available all[...]

  • Health Benefits, Facts, Supplement and Side Effects of Acacia
    Acacia Information & Facts Acacia is an herb that was once found in abundance in North America. Now, acacia is ubiquitous in its distribution across the globe. The wood of the acacia tree is known for its strength, durability, and inelasticity. Its moist and rapidly growing sap wood makes it[...]

  • Treatment for Diarrhea is to hydration the child with plenty of fluids
    Treatment for Diarrhea in children: Recent treatment in pediatric diarrhea[...]

  • Belladonna Herb Health Benefits and Side Effects
    BelladonnaBelladonna also known as deadly nightshade plant is an herb used for various indications since centuries. The leaves of belladonna when crushed have an unacceptable odor and tastes bitter, both when fresh and dry. Belladonna is generally used with other ergot alkaloids, barbiturates or homeopathic preparations. Health and belladonna There[...]

  • Treatments For External Piles And Home Treatments For Piles
    Treatment For Bleeding Piles And Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatments I have pain in stool pass area. Is it Piles? If it is then suggest me precaution from diet and what exercise is good for me? Piles or hemorrhoids refer to the inflammation of veins in the rectal and anal region[...]

  • Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Diarrhea
    DiarrheaDiarrhea is a condition in which the sufferer passes frequent watery, loose stools. It may be accompanied by bloating, cramps, urgency to empty bowels, and nausea. Diarrhea is a major health issue in poor and developing countries. The disorder causes severe dehydration in the body, which is a life threatening[...]

  • Top Ten Diet Tips For Freedom From Constipation
    Can you suggest some diet tips for freedom from constipation[...]

  • Health Benefits, Facts and Side Effects of Caraway Seeds
    Caraway Seed Health BenefitsBotanically called Carum carvi, caraway is a biennial plant, which belongs to the family Apiaceae. Some of the health benefits of caraway seeds are listed as under:Caraway seeds lowers the concentration of LDL cholesterol, by preventing its re-absorption in the colon. As such, caraway seeds[...]

  • Protein Sources - Lima Beans Health Benefits
    Lima BeansLima beans are available in two main type’s potato lima or large lima beans and small or baby lima beans. They have a starchy butter like taste, so often they are even referred as butter beans. Fresh varieties of lima beans are available in summer and fall[...]

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