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diet for heart patients

  • Facts About Asthma And Asthma Diet
    Asthma Facts And Diet For Asthma Patients What is Asthma?Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs which narrows and inflames the airways. The airways are pipes or tracts through which air enters and leaves the lungs. When a person is inflicted with asthma, the airways become inflamed. These[...]

  • Weight loss for Diabetics
    Diet Pills And Diabetes: What are Diet Pills And Diabetes. Would it help me lose some weight and also control my diabetes?[...]

  • Causes And Diet For Abdominal Pain
    Diet For Abdomen And Medications For Abdominal Pain I have pain from last 10 year in my abdomen and uric acid trouble is in my knowledge since last 3 years. I am now not consuming any alcohol or non-veg from about 1.5 year.  Kindly inform me about the[...]

  • Unnatural electrical activity in the brain results Seizures convulsions, fits
    Convulsion also induces multiple seizures: Current scenario in pediatric convulsive therapy[...]

  • Diet For Tuberculosis (TB) Patient - Foods, Fruits For TB Sufferers
    Best and good foods for tuberculosis sufferers are strawberries and custard apples. Post TB; healthy vegetables, juices, whole grain, low-fat milk are recommended.[...]

  • Cooling Off From Night Sweats And Sleep Apnea
    Have Freedom From Night Sweats And Sleep Disorders A restful and comfortable night’s sleep is very necessary for a healthy life. However, diseases like night sweats and sleep apnea disturbs the process of normal sleeping patterns. These two commonly occurring diseases are discussed below in detail. Night sweats are[...]

  • Home Remedies for Blood Thickening | Causes | Symptoms of Polycythemia
    Home Remedies for Blood Thickening Blood thickening is also called as polycythemia. With blood thickening, the blood becomes more viscous than normal. This is as condition that is caused when the bone marrow over-produces red blood cells. The marrow does this because there is low-oxygen in the blood[...]

  • Symptoms, Types and Dietary Treatment of Angina
    Angina Info and Natural Angina TreatmentWhat is Angina?Angina is the pain or discomfort that occurs in the chest. It usually appears when any part of the heart muscle does not get sufficient oxygenated blood. You feel pressure or squeezing in your chest. This can also be followed by pain[...]

  • Asthma Attack Triggers and Diet for Prevention
    Asthma is a type of allergic reaction that can be quite dangerous to a person who suffers from it. Asthma causes the throat lining to become inflamed. In serious attacks, the throat can constrict up to a point where it is not possible to breathe. Thus asthma sufferers tend to[...]

  • Home Remedies for Arthritis | Causes for Arthritis | Home Treatment for Arthritis
    Arthritis Home Remedies Arthritis is one of the more common medical conditions and is characterized by the substantial inflammation of the joints in the body such as the knees and elbows – making them very hard to move around. The condition is usually also accompanied by a certain amount of pain[...]

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