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metabolism booster

  • The Connection between Leptin and Proper Weight Control
    Leptin and Weight ControlLosing weight has become quite a huge burden of late as compared to years ago. While there have been technological and scientific findings that make obesity weight loss and weight controls seem easier, it actually is harder these days because of the high calorie foods and processed[...]

  • Echinacea Herb: Facts, Uses of Herbal Properties and Benefits
    EchinaceaEchinacea angustifolia rhizome was used by North American Indians. Echinacea was one of the basic antimicrobial herbs of Eclectic medicine and dates back to mid 1800s. The plant is attributed with the capacity to rejuvenate the body's immune system and keep infections at bay, especially the common cold. Herbal[...]

  • Weight Loss with Negative Calorie Diet at Home
    Negative Calorie DietThe idea of Negative Calorie Diet works on the principle that particular foods make negative calorie effects and allows you to lose weight. The method of Negative Calorie Diet is considered controversial since the assumption is not scientifically thorough. Experts have provided the notion that no foods actually[...]

  • Health Benefits, Supplements, Side Effects of Glycine
    Health Benefits Of GlycineGlycine is a non-essential amino acid which is used in the creation of muscle tissue and the conversion of glucose into energy. It also aids in the functioning of the digestive system and helps in maintaining the health of the central nervous system. Recent studies have[...]

  • Boost Your Energy Quickly and Effectively with Bee Pollen
    Energy Boosters  Everyone goes through days when they just don’t have the energy to deal with day to day situations. In some cases a sense of fatigue and gloom tends take over. During such situations, people try to cope using short term energy boosters like caffeine or[...]

  • Guava Evaluated - Health Benefits and Side Effects
    Guava Health BenefitsThe guava plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family and is cultivated in a number of sub-tropical and tropical countries for its fruit. You can eat it raw or even use it in cooking. It is a very popular fruit used for making a variety of juices, jams[...]

  • Facts and List of Natural Fat Burning Foods
    Foods That Burn FatSometimes exercise just isn't enough. To enhance your weight loss results you should add some foods that burn fat to your diet. Foods that burn fat are of many types. Foods that boost metabolism fall under this category. Some people believe that negative calorie foods[...]

  • Is Coconut Oil, Water and Flour Good for Diabetics?
    Coconut For DiabetesCoconut is a very nutritious food that can be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in cooking. The milk of the coconut makes a very refreshing drink and is reputed to be extremely nutritious. Coconut is good for diabetes management as it has a beneficial impact on[...]

  • Binge Eating Disorder - Causes and Treatment
    Binging is a situation wherein a person tends to eat and drink in excessive amounts and have no control over them and there are a number of reasons as to why it could happen. No matter what the reason, it is not a good habit and can cause a lot[...]

  • Tips for Eating Healthy | Living A Healthy Life | Healthy Living Information
    One of the best tips for eating healthy is by indulging in a controlled appetite, which is directly proportionate to a healthy life. You can choose your own food regime depending upon your metabolism and the degree of physical activity you perform. Eating right in moderation is the best way[...]

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