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  • Cholangitis - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
    Cholangitis Types - Ascending, Primary, Secondary SclerosingCholangitis is a condition wherein the biliary tract of the individual gets infected. It is generally caused due to a bacterial infection, and may occur when the biliary duct or tract is blocked due to something like a tumor or gallstone. The infection that is[...]

  • Diet Chart, Plan and Recovery Time for Typhoid Patients
    Typhoid Diet Typhoid and jaundice, both these conditions take some time to recover. So be patient and follow the medications prescribed by your specialist. Along with those follow these diet tips for faster recovery –Usually a patient suffering from jaundice and typhoid has a low appetite and feels nauseous[...]

  • Medications and Motherís Milk and Mothers Milk Supplements
    Breastfeeding Weaning and Living Without Motherís Milk Motherís milk is an ideal food for babies when they are small and it is recommended that babies should be exclusively breastfed for first six months of their life. But as the baby starts to grow they need more nutrients which[...]

  • Effective Diet For The Treatment Of Mononucleosis
    Liquid Diet For Mononucleosis Infection Treatment How effective is diet in the treatment of mononucleosis? Please suggest some healthy fruits and liquid diet for the same A healthy diet, along with complete and absolute rest plays an extremely important role in the treatment of mononucleosis. Instead of adopting a completely[...]

  • Healthy Juices for Influenza and Jaundice Treatment
    Influenza (see colds) Influenza should not to be taken lightly. Old people can even die from it as can the weak. It is good practice to begin winter with a good, nutri¬tious course of juices tasting two weeks to build resistance. This can be repeated a week or[...]

  • Hair Fall Home Cures
    Reasons for hair loss are heredity, hormonal imbalance, faulty nutrition, underlying illness, improper hair care leading to dandruff and dirt.[...]

  • Complex Carbohydrate Foods - List and Health Benefits
    Complex CarbohydratesGlucose is the body’s preferred source of energy and this glucose is obtained during the metabolism of carbohydrates which converts sugar into glucose. All carbohydrates contain sugar. Glucose is also the primary form of sugar present in may other foods. In most cases, the sugar will be[...]

  • Health Benefits of Raw Vegetable Juice Therapy
    Juicing Raw Vegetables And Raw Vegetable Juice BenefitsOur bodies are constantly building and repairing cells and need to be nourished. Every hour our bodies produce an estimated one billion cells, which amount to 24 billion cells each day. It is not enough to just binge on unhealthy tasty foods but[...]

  • Lactic Acid - Minimize Its Intake for Healthy Health
    Lactic Acid Effects Lactic acid is a very commonly used term, especially amongst athletes, in order to describe the intense pain that they feel in their muscle – most notably after a very intense training session or competition. Our bodies need energy in order to perform any kind of exercise[...]

  • Facts You Should Know to Avoid Junk Food Addiction
    One day on your way back from work, you feel hungry and you simply grab a hot dog. The next day you do the same, and the trend continues. Well, this is a sign of addiction. A new and recent study shows that junk food is indeed addictive. In this[...]

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