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  • Exercises After Lunch - Running & Walking Effects | Fruits Post Lunch
    Running post lunch is not advisable in most cases. Eating fruits after lunch, especially high starch and protein fruits can further prolong the process of digestion.[...]

  • Healthy Fruit Juice | Vitamins in Fruits | Health Benefits of Fruit
    The idea of a mixed fruit juice is to combine the taste and nutrition of different kinds of healthy fruit juices into one mixture. A good mixed fruit juice has the best qualities and vitamins of different fruits, and brings it together.[...]

  • Food and Fitness | Health Food
    Presenting here are some of the other foods which when included in diet helps to fight health problems – Bananas – Eating bananas can be a very easy task; it required no preparation, no refrigeration nor washing. Just peel its outer protective cover and there you are with a creamy[...]

  • Home Remedies For Stomach Cramps And Acute Pain Treatment
    Severe Stomach Cramps Treatment And Tips For Pain Relief The painful squeezing sensations that you may have experienced in the stomach and abdominal region is commonly referred to as stomach cramps. The cramps do not necessarily originate in the stomach or the abdominal region. The intensity of the pain too[...]

  • Calories In Figs
    Figs or Ficus Carica belong to the mulberry family and are one of the earliest fruits known to man. The fruits are luscious and have a texture which is chewy with a sweet fragrance. This fruit was a favorite of the Romans and especially of Cleopatra. Figs can be eaten[...]

  • Hay Diet, Foods | Calories, Rules Of Hay Diet For Diabetes, Indigestion
    The hay diet is a fad diet that does not allow proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal and is good for diabetes, indigestion, constipation, weight loss as it based on separating food into three groups[...]

  • Hypothyroidism and Fatigue Weight Gain
    Fatigue Weight Gain: I need help on Fatigue Weight Gain. Can some one please answer how does fatigue weight gain work?[...]

  • Choline - Facts, Sources, Uses for a Healthy Liver
    CHOLINE – For A Healthy LiverCholine is highly soluble in water and alcohol. Concentrated choline decomposes when it is boiled. Alcohol, food processing, sulphur drugs and water destroy it. It is present in relatively large amounts in the body as well as food. It is mostly absorbed from the intestine[...]

  • Mango Frappe | Recipe | Mango Health Benefits | Ingredients
    Mango Frappe No. of Serving: 3 Preparation time: 10 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Mango Frappe Ingredients: 1 medium whole ripe mango (12 ounces), peeled, pitted and cut into chunks cup orange juice cup lime juice 1- cup of club soda 2 ice cubes Mango Frappe Recipe: Make a puree[...]

  • Weight Loss Daily Diet
    Successful weight loss diet or plan continues to remain a well balanced diet plan combined with exercise.[...]

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