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  • Recommended 3000 Calorie Diet Plan for Men & Women
    3000 Calorie Diet PlanA 3000 calorie diet plan is usually recommended for athletes, very active young people, or those you want to gain weight. The calorie intake for a normal active adult ranges from 1600 to 2200 for active women, to about 2000 to 2800 for active men. Consuming 3000[...]

  • Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss - Facts on Metabolism and Slimming
    Vegetarian diet A vegetarian diet is essentially a diet plan that does not contain animal or meat products. For centuries, millions of people in the world have followed pure vegetarian diets due to religious reasons, health reasons, or other emotional considerations. Today, more and more health professionals are discouraging the[...]

  • Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Dried Peas
    Dried Peas Health Benefits Although dried peas belong to the same family of beans and legumes, they are classified in a separate group due to the preparation. The fully matured pea pods are dried to get dried peas. It is harder and starchier than that of fresh peas and can[...]

  • Advice on Macrobiotic Diet
    Macrobiotic Diet: Tired of hunting for information on Macrobiotic Diet. Can anyone help me?[...]

  • Calories, Side Effects and Tips on Cocoa Intake
    Calories in CocoaBefore understanding the calories in cocoa, it is important to note that the different types of cocoa have different caloric content. Studies have shown that 1 unsweetened tablespoon of cocoa contains about 12 calories, while commercially produced cocoa powder this is unsweetened can contain anywhere from 29 to[...]

  • Poultry and Lean Meats are a good source of proteins they aid in protecting against alzheimer's disease
    Poultry and Lean MeatsPoultry and lean meats are good sources of protein of high biological value. They are essential for the growth, development and tissue repair. They are also excellent sources of heme iron, pre-formed vitamin A, zinc and B complex vitamins. Anemia is prevented by heme iron, as[...]

  • Increasing Breast Milk Supply | Increasing Breast Milk Production
    It is of prime importance that a motherís body produces enough milk to feed her child properly. A number of breast feeding mothers will tend to reduce feeds or wean earlier than they would like as this change occurs naturally. There are a number of change[...]

  • Meat - a Good Source of Nutrients: Facts and Benefits
    Meat helps to decrease oxidative stressMeat and meat products is seen on the fourth level of a food pyramid. The primary constituents of meat include proteins, water and fats, along with iron, phosphorous and certain vitamins. MeatMeat and nutrition   Meat is a good source of iron, zinc[...]

  • How Power Foods Help in Boosting Your Nutrition
    Power Foods Boost Nutrition  Foods that deliver more nutrition per calorie and contain vitamins and different types of nutrients are called Power Foods.Green Leafy Vegetables – Collard greens, chard, bok choy, kale, spinach, dark lettuce and seaweeds are green leafy vegetables that are rich sources of beta-carotene[...]

  • Wheat Germ Foods - Wheat Grass Nutrition Facts For Detoxification
    Wheat Germ Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Wheat Germ Wheat germ and its nutrients: Wheat germ is that inner part of the grain which helps the new wheat plant to germinate and develop. Although it makes up only 3 to 4 per cent of the wheat kernel, it contains 23[...]

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