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healthy breakfast

  • Breakfast Ideas - Easy Preparation Tips, Food Choices and Benefits
    Breakfast Ideas Apart from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is unfortunately also the meal that is most likely to be skipped. People do not eat breakfast for various reasons. Some may not feel hungry especially if they have eaten a large meal the previous night. Some[...]

  • Healthy Breakfast Tips and Recommendations
    ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is one of the most common phrases that you will hear when it comes to any discussion pertaining to food and an individual’s dietary requirements. However, studies have shown that this is more than simple talk and[...]

  • Natural Treatment for Peptic Ulcer
    Skipping breakfast is not allowed. Small meals are eaten at frequent, meals, instead of three large meals. Read on to know more[...]

  • Spartan Nutrition And Detox Diet Regimen
    Spartan Diet And Healthy Food Habits Spartan diet incorporates healthy fruit diet. Please provide me information regarding the same. Is it a recommended diet practice? The Spartan diet is a calorie restriction technique, which aids in shedding the extra pounds. It is recommended to follow such diets, under the guidance[...]

  • Diet Plans for Healthy Soups Using Chicken for Weight Loss
    Chicken soup has long been known as the perfect remedy for cold. However, recently a fad diet with concentrates on chicken soup as the primary food, has also emerged. Though researchers have not come out with anything concrete regarding the diet, followers swear by its benefits and therefore it has[...]

  • 400 Calorie Meal Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    400 Calorie MealsCrash diets invariably fail in the long run. This is because when you’re on a crash diet, you eliminate most of the seemingly unhealthy foods. However, most of the time you end up feeling hungry and low on energy. If you’re trying to lose[...]

  • Diet chart is based on your current food intake. Salads and soups have less number of calories
    Diet chart to loose extra pounds: I am a girl. My weight is 52 kilos and height is 5'. Can you please send a diet chart for me?[...]

  • Bed and Breakfast Rye | Benefits of Rye Bread | Healthy Breakfast Tips
    For the past few years, breakfast rye has received a lot of attention from nutritionists and healthy eaters. A new study conducted by a reputed medical institute revealed that a breakfast containing rye bread was found to be far more beneficial in achievi[...]

  • Healthy Diet Program and Body Building Diets
    Effective Diets and Low Carb Diet Plans Hi, my wait is 85 kg and my height is 6.4 feet. I want to know the best diet plan according to my weight. Please consider I am living in hostel. Please advice only those foods which can be easily bought from[...]

  • Healthy & Nutritional Food Choices for Breakfast
    Breakfast Foods When we go to bed, our body goes for 8 to 10 hours without any food. Therefore breakfast is the first opportunity the body gets to replenish its depleted blood sugar levels. Blood sugar or glucose is the main source of energy for the body. The muscles use[...]

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