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  • Advice on 5 Factor Diet | 5 Factor Diet Foods | 5 Factor Diet Recipes
    5 factor diet is based on the principle that one should consume as many as 5 meals over the course of the day. The 5 factor diet plan is very effective and it depends on how largely dedicated you are to your goals.[...]

  • Walking Exercise Tips and Myth about Exercising
    Walking Exercise Benefits Exercise helps the body, whether you call it a myth or a reality. You can enjoy the benefits of exercise on your own and you will realize yourself as to how true it is. Walking is the best exercise. It helps to cure a large number of[...]

  • Weight Loss as Health Benefits of Swimming
    Swimming is the act of movement of one’s body through water. Swimming can be done either in a swimming pool or in a natural water body such as a lake, a river, or the sea. Swimming is an extremely efficient form of exercise and can be effective when[...]

  • Weight Loss Treatment
    Weight Loss Cure: What is the ultimate cure for weight loss? I am looking out for a complete cure to weight loss; can someone help me to know more about such cures?[...]

  • Information on Abdominal Weight Gain | Abdominal Weight Gain Causes
    Abdominal Weight Gain - There are a number of factors that can influence rapid abdominal weight gain. Menopause is one of the most common causes of abdominal weight gain.[...]

  • Calories Burned by Doing Crunches - Pushups and Sit ups
    Calories Burnt Doing CrunchesIt is a well-known fact that exercising on a regular basis in important for everyone, especially those who are overweight. Your body burns calories while you engage in any form of physical activity, especially exercising. Therefore, exercising every day can help you lose weight and reach[...]

  • Orange Juice Recipes | Nutritional Information | Health Benefits
    Orange Juice Recipe No. of servings: 1 Serving Size: 1 cup Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 0 minutes Total time required: 5 minutes Ingredients required: 4 large Oranges Method: Before making the juice, smack each orange, lightly, on a tabletop or counter top and roll them around a bit[...]

  • Burn Up More Calories and Exercise Regularly for Flat Abs
    Getting tight, toned abs is not easy! Yes, all the young models in glossy magazines have firm six-packs, and even some celebrities might attempt the washboard magic, but the truth is that it’s a lot of hard work. For tighter abs, you need to focus on abdominal[...]

  • Food diary is a simple guide to good health to plan low fat, high fiber diet meal
    Food Diary for Daily Food Diet and ExerciseA food diary is a simple guide to good health. It helps in recording the intake. The quantity of food with the time at which it is consumed is noted down. Record a food diary in a regular manner, as it takes at[...]

  • Protein Diet | High Protein Low Carb Diet | Sources Of Protein
    A high protein diet is one among popular diet types that is particularly followed by body builders and nutritionists. A high protein diet is ideal to build muscle mass and lose fat.[...]

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