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  • Calorie Content and Health Benefits in a Cup of Tea
    Calories in TeaTea is one of the healthiest drinks available, and you’ve probably heard about its many benefits. Well, it is true that it is good for you, but the catch is that it only applies to tea made without milk or sugar. By itself, tea is almost[...]

  • Daily Intake of Food - Calorie Counter for Healthy Lifestyle
    Food Calorie CounterA calorie is a unit of energy that the body uses to produce energy to perform any kind of physical activity. The calories come from the food we eat, the body breaks the food and uses the energy present in the food to enable the body to be[...]

  • Obesity in Teenagers | Genetic Causes of Obesity | Exercises for Obesity
    Itís true that genetics play a major role in our bodyís development. You may be born with an obesity gene, but research has proven that you can negate its effect by regular exercise. Improving your food habits and exercise is the key to preventing long te[...]

  • Strength Training Exercises
    Body Weight Training: What is Body Weight Training? Will love to hear for you folks?[...]

  • Total Calories in Fresh and Frozen Raspberries
    How Many Calories In Raspberries?Raspberries are very sweet and pleasant smelling fruits, with a velvety texture and a deep scarlet color. Raspberries belong to the rose family and have an excellent taste. They have a hollow core and consist of several small fruits that are seedless and are arranged[...]

  • Difference Between Whole Milk and Low Fat Milk
    Low Fat Soy Milk Several doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts state that drinking at least one glass of milk a day is important for everyone, because it is high in calcium, Vitamin D as well as protein. While it is a well known fact that milk is a must[...]

  • Types of Bagels - Calorie Content and Health Benefits
    Bagel CaloriesA bagel is a type of bread that is shaped like a ring. The yeasted wheat dough is first boiled in water for a short period of time. It is then baked to create a chewy bread product which is doughy inside and crisp on the outside. Bagels are[...]

  • The Number of Calories Burned Doing Various Physical Activities
    Calories BurnedHave you ever wondered how many calories burned doing a sport activity? How many calories are burned when you sleep or eat? How many calories burned when jogging? Or one big question how many calories I burned in a day?Energy expenditure or burning extra calories is very crucial[...]

  • Losing Weight with Weight Training
    Weight Loss Training: Sorry about this, but does can someone educate me on Weight Loss Training. Maybe it's a silly question, but would appreciate some help?[...]

  • Nursing Mother Diet Plan | Weight Loss for Nursing Mother
    A woman goes back to her original weight within six weeks of delivery. It is a natural recovery process. A balanced diet. Read further to know more.[...]

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