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Best diets

Some of the best diet tips that most dieticians give their patients is to always remember to drink plenty of water. Even drinking calorie free beverages is recommended. At times drinking water can help in taking the edge of hunger. Some people may not like to drink plain water in which case it is recommended that they add a dash of fresh lemon to the water or a dash of some citrus drink. Even drinking infused teas like peach or mango are recommended.
Another important tip among the best diet plans includes one eating at least 5 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruits in a given day. This helps in the person getting the adequate amounts of fiber they need and this also helps in ensuring that one does not end up overeating. A recommendation by most diet specialists is that one should try and eat a lot more vegetables on a daily basis. These vegetables can be eaten in the form of fresh salads, stir fries, risottos, frittatas, soups, pilafs or even on sandwiches. Always remember when eating to stop the moment you feel full. Eat slowly and chew properly. We tend to overeat very often, not realizing that we are actually full. Always serve yourself a reasonable size portion. Avoid eating snacks in between meals or late in the night. Very often when we watch television we tend to indulge in mindless eating. Avoid snacking on chips and cookies and other kinds of sweets and confectioneries which only leave you feeling bloated at the end. Instead opt to snack on healthy foods like slices of cucumber and carrot. Some of the best meal plans are the simplest. There is no need to totally cut out sweets or one’s favorite foods from the diet. Instead you can eat a small quantity of sweet or a small bag of cookies. Eating one’s favorite foods can be done, but always remember to do it in moderation. Some times eating fresh fruit can make the best dessert. One can add fresh fruit to a bowl of low fat yogurt or eat the fruit with a sprinkling of nuts. Eating many mini meals in a day is recommended over eating 3 large heavy meals. People who snack on small meals are less likely to put on weight. Always remember to eat protein with your daily meals. Protein can be found in lean meats and eggs. Dinner should always be the last meal one eats and should be consumed at least 2 to 3 hours before one sleeps. This allows the digestion process to occur properly. Try getting in a light walk after dinner to further aid the digestion process. Getting some amount of exercise on a daily basis is an essential part of any of the best diet plans. If you are not a regular walker, start off by doing at least 30 minutes of walking at least 3 to 4 times in a week. Gradually build this up to walking on a daily basis. Some other great forms of exercise include swimming, jogging, running, skipping and Pilates. Even doing yoga and meditation is a great part of one’s daily routine. Always stock the kitchen with healthy snacks that one can reach for when ever the hunger pangs strike. Whole grain pitas or wraps are a great snack that can be consumed along with vegetables or chicken. Try and always eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season to get freshness and flavor. Avoid eating when stressed. Instead opt for a walk or a jog or listen to some music. Keep in mind that the best diets are the ones that are healthy and can be followed on a regular basis.
Submitted on January 16, 2014