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Exercise for slimming and reducing weight:

I am 26 yrs old female my height is 173cms and my weight is 73kgs I am an engineer and doing lectureship I spend my most of the time reading and sit and preparing my notes Please tell me the right way to reduce weight and exercise to become slim.

Begin any slimming weight loss program with an open mind. Being a lecturer involves lot of mental strain, though physical activity is quite less due to the sedentary nature of your job. Try to increase your physical activity and have a balanced diet. A balanced diet encompasses food from all the five food groups, with restricted amount from the last group, which is fats and oils. Cereals form the base of the food pyramid.

Include them as whole cereals and grains. Pulses and legumes are also important, as they provide dietary fiber and protein. Milk and milk products are preferred in the skimmed form, as they provide proteins in vegetarians. Animal foods, such as deskinned poultry, lean meat, egg white and fish prove beneficial, due to their low percentage of saturated fats.

Avoid high calorie foods, such as pastries, potato crisps, cakes, high fat yoghurt, bagels and muffins. Low calorie snacks involve fruits such as strawberries, oranges and vegetables, such as cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes and so on. Check out for negative calorie foods, which require more calories for their own breakdown, such as garlic, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, carrot, apple, papaya, radish, lettuce, onion, orange, tangerine dandelion and cranberries and so on. The amount of calories required to digest celery is more than the amount it provides. Complete restriction of the meal to these foods alone is not effective, as nutrient deficiencies are common, leading to malnutrition.

Increase the frequency of eating and decrease the amount of food eaten, in terms of calories. Calorie reduction goes a long way in enabling weight loss. Adequate amount of water, about eight to ten glasses help in the removal of toxins. Fruits and vegetables, in the form of salad and clear soups help in providing satiety. This is attributed to the high dietary fiber in these foods. Avoid whole fat milk and replace it with skimmed milk and low fat dairy products. Do not hit bed, after meals. Some minimal activity is essential after food. Leave a gap of two hours, after food, before retiring to bed.

Abstain from opting for the elevator. Use the stairs, when in college. Walk to the nearby areas, instead of using your vehicle or public transport. Opt for brisk walking, as a part of your daily schedule. You can walk around the room, while preparing for your class. Other forms of exercise such as jogging, rope skipping and swimming are effective in weight loss.

Submitted on March 31, 2010