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High Fiber Diet for Heart Disease

An expanded waist is a warning sign of heart disease and high blood pressure, if means are not taken to control it. One of the best ways to ensure that the diet is under control begins with the practice of a healthy breakfast for the heart and the waist. Heart disease is the widely experienced ailments across the world, but a diet rich in fiber and low in fat can ensure that heart and high blood pressure problems can be kept at bay. Breakfast must be the main meal of your day and a great deal of emphasis on the right kinds of foods to eat during breakfast leads to a healthy heart and slim waist. Most people either skip breakfast or tend to overeat during breakfast which works negatively in both circumstances.

Since most people do not feel hungry or do not have the time to indulge in a breakfast it is possible that unhealthy bingeing in the latter parts of the day can lead to health disadvantages. Most people snack on convenient fast foods rich in fats and carbohydrates. Such habits cause heart problems and most people who experience heart attack symptoms are advised to undergo a high fiber meal or fiber diet for life. According to health experts it is important to have breakfast in the morning as it is the best way to get the body to kick start its metabolism after the night’s sleep.


What is also important to be noted is that breakfast directly impacts the waist which in turn affects the health of the heart. A heavy breakfast replete with smoked meats and oily foods leads to excess weight and fat around the waist which in turn causes the heart to slow down, increase the levels of bad cholesterol and eventually cause heart problems in the long run. Breakfast that consists of foods with a lower fat intake and increasing amounts of vitamins, minerals especially in calcium, iron and magnesium boots metabolism and helps the body to absorb the necessary nutrients. Breakfast must consist of light cereal and toast along with servings of fruits and fresh fruit juices. Such breakfasts are far healthier for the heart and the waist than the traditionally accepted bacon and cheese, scrambled eggs, white flour croissants, banana smoothies etc. Consume as much vitamin C in the mornings and these must come from either freshly cut fruits or freshly squeezed juices. Watermelons, kiwi fruit, all types of berries, grapefruit, oranges, sweet limes, papaya are excellent sources of vitamin C. To add minerals and necessary nutrients add dried fruit and nuts such as prunes, sultanas and for fiber and potassium.


Sprinkling of wheat germs or porridge made from oat meal is an ideal choice during winters for the vitamins these breakfast options offer. More importantly all forms of non sugar cereals, rice brans, wheat germ oats etc are fortified with vitamins B complex and necessary iron which along with the accompaniment of milk makes an extremely nutritious food. Eggs are also wholesome in themselves but the manners in which they are prepared are extremely critical for the well being of the heart. If you prefer scrambled eggs, opt for a preparation made form egg whites with skimmed milk and oil spray for cooking. Eggs that are boiled, poached and microwaved along with baked beans make for a nutritious and an extremely satisfying breakfast especially over weekends. For added punch add mushrooms, tomatoes or spinach to the meal to make it heartier, but be careful of the amount of oil it takes to be prepared.


Healthy Breakfast Tips

  • Fiber rich oatmeal or cold whole-wheat bran cereal with skim milk taste great, are slow to digest and are nutritious. Whole-grain cereals contain high insoluble fiber that shut your appetite and reduces cravings.
  • Oatmeal is also rich in soluble fiber that increases HDL cholesterol and sweeps out bad LDL cholesterol from blood stream. Besides reducing risk of heart disease it also reduces your waistline. Cereals and oatmeal are good sources of magnesium and reduces risk of developing diabetes. Cereal and fruit for breakfast is a great weight loss tip.
  • If you dislike cereal, low fat yogurt with fresh fruit and wheat germ or low-fat granola, energizes in the morning and keeps hunger at bay until lunchtime. Granola or wheat germ is high in fiber and slows down digestion process.
  • A hard-boiled egg and an orange are high in fiber and protein, taste great, satisfies your appetite and provides essential nutrients. Another great combination is lean protein and fiber, which curbs your desire for high-calorie, high-fat, mid-morning snacking.

Submitted on February 24, 2009