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Chocolate Turtles

Chocolate is the product that is made from cocoa beans which originated in Central and South America many thousands of years ago. Cocoa is cultivated in tropical regions which is why it is found in these areas. The beans of the cocoa tree are processed before they produce raw chocolate. What we refer to as chocolate is what is known as sweetened chocolate. This is chocolate that is made up of cocoa butter, cocoa solids and sugar.
Milk chocolate, naturally, contains some milk in it. The color and taste of the chocolate depends on the concentration of cocoa solids. White chocolate contains cocoa butter but does not contain any cocoa solid which is why it appears to be milky in color. Chocolate has been recently investigated as a possible blood pressure reduction agent. Individuals who consume small amounts of chocolate may experience lowered blood pressure levels. Chocolate has also been known to provide a boost in the mood of the individual which is why the consumption of chocolates is almost always expressed as a pleasurable event. Chocolate is a popular dessert either consumed whole or consumed in preparations that have been created using chocolate such as cakes and muffins.

Chocolates are now made and packaged in several different ways in a bid to either boost their marketing appeal or their visual appeal. Chocolates are also extremely varied in their concentration of cocoa to suit different palates. In general, milk chocolate is the most popular form of chocolate. Chocolate desserts are also extremely varied these days with the addition of several different ingredients to mixes such as fruits, nuts and alcohol. Certain types of liquor chocolates are too strong for children to consume them.

A turtle is a reptile with a unique and easily recognizable shape. The body of a turtle is made up of a hard dome like shell from which four limbs and the head protrude. Turtles have an ability to retract all their limbs and their head to within their shells for protection. Turtles often feature as animated characters in movies and are therefore very popular with children.   Chocolate turtles are essentially chocolate treats that are made in the shape of turtles.

There are basically two ways in which one can make chocolate turtles. Chocolate turtles can be made using chocolate for the body or shell of the reptile with nuts or candies used to make up the feet and head. Chocolate turtles can also be made whole with the liquid chocolate being filled into a mould that is shaped like a turtle. Chocolate turtles made using moulds can be highly detailed such that they appear exactly like turtles. This, of course, depends on the shape and quality of the mould as well as on the nature of the chocolate in terms of how liquid it is.

Chocolate turtles are extremely popular amongst children for whom this design of chocolate is essentially intended. One can use a chocolate turtles recipe to prepare this treat or purchase them off the shelf. There are also some branded forms of chocolate turtles that can be purchased from stores. One may find a chocolate turtles recipe with caramel included in it as this is a popular addition that people like to use.

When making chocolate turtles, one need not be terribly accurate because, after all, it is a homemade treat. The use of a mould will help the process be absolutely accurate. Most people who engage in making chocolate turtles use pre-prepared chocolate for the purpose. This type of chocolate can be melted under heat so that it can be arranged into the shape that one desires. The process of making chocolate turtles is actually very simple. One may use nuts for the limbs of the turtle. This should be done only if the people consuming the chocolate turtles are not allergic to nuts. Allergy sufferers may even suffer from reactions if they remove the nuts and consume the whole chocolate and caramel part only.

When making chocolate turtles, one can arrange the nuts with each nut pointing out to the four corners of the baking tray. The nuts should be arranged like the limbs of a turtle would appear if looked at from the top. Once this arrangement is complete, one can melt the chocolate either using a stove top or a microwave. Melted chocolate is extremely hot, one should be careful of this while making chocolate turtles. Once the chocolate is in molten form, it is easy to pour. The consistency of the chocolate should be thin enough to pour but thick enough to hold its shape. Another important thing to note when melting the chocolate is to ensure that it does not get burnt. Burnt chocolate cannot be consumed because of its foul taste. One therefore needs to stir the chocolate continuously adding small amounts of water if needed. Once the mixture is thin enough to pour, one can stop heating it. Care must be taken to ensure that the chocolate is poured as soon as it is the right consistency. This will ensure that the shapes are more or less similar between the various chocolate turtles. One may need to re-heat the chocolate if it cools down too much during the pouring process.

Once the chocolate turtles have been poured, one can put the dish in the fridge to cool down. This will ensure that the chocolate hardens back to its original consistency. Onemay also put these chocolate turtles into a freezer for about 10 minutes to ensure that they cool down rapidly. This is particularly helpful if the chocolate appears as though it will lose its shape if it does not solidify immediately. Once the chocolate is hard, it can even be left at room temperature, unless the climate is warm or hot and humid.

Homemade chocolate turtles are thus a simple and cost effective way of creating a unique and interesting candy for children. One may use chocolate turtles for events such as birthdays or other such parties. Chocolates are not unhealthy for children if they are consumed in moderation.
Submitted on January 16, 2014