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Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate is the produce of the cocoa plant that is indigenous to regions of Central America and South America. Cocoa has been grown in these regions for many centuries and is a part of the local tradition. Cocoa is now grown all over the world, especially in tropical climates. The production of chocolate occurs when the cocoa beans are fermented and treated. Chocolate is one of the most popular items used as a dessert.
What we refer to as chocolate is almost always milk chocolate which is chocolate that has been sweetened and mixed with milk powder. There are many variations for chocolates that one may find these days ranging from darker to lighter colored chocolates. The color of the chocolates depends on concentration of cocoa in the chocolate. White chocolate has cocoa butter but does not have any cocoa solid in it. Cocoa solids are responsible for the brown color that one associates with chocolate. Chocolate has been studied of late for its therapeutic properties. It has been known for many centuries that chocolate provides the consumer with a sense of elation or satisfaction during consumption. What is new about the research is that chocolate has been found to have a beneficial effect on those suffering from high blood pressure. This applies to those individuals who consume small quantities of chocolates and not to binge eaters. The negative effects of the sugar and fat content of chocolates negates any benefit that might be felt in people who consume too much chocolate.

In modern times, chocolate is served in a number of different ways, often with intricate designs printed into the texture of the chocolate. One such design that is popular with children is that of chocolate lollipops. Chocolate lollipops are essentially lollipops where the candy part of the lollipop is made out of chocolate. Chocolate lollipops can be purchased off the shelf from stores that stock specialty chocolates. Chocolate lollipops can also be prepared at home, as can other chocolate treats. When one wishes to do prepare chocolate lollipops, the chocolate first needs to be tempered. This applies to nearly every type or recipe that involves creating shapes or textures in chocolate. Tempered chocolate is chocolate that is properly cooled after it has been melted. This type of chocolate is harder when it solidifies, mimicking the structural aspects of chocolate bars that one might purchase. Chocolate that is allowed to cool on its own may be sticky and may not form the texture that one wishes. This is not a problem for certain kiddy treats like chocolate turtles. However, chocolate lollipops tend to be made with extravagant shapes and this requires the chocolate to set properly. Therefore, one needs to follow the right method of chocolate tempering to ensure that it forms the shapes that one wishes to form. Tempering chocolate involves holding the chocolate at a temperature about 85 degrees Fahrenheit once it has been melted. This allows the chocolate to form a stable structure when it is eventually allowed to cool down. Tempered chocolate can be used for the production of chocolate lollipops.

When making chocolate lollipops, one needs to have several different moulds that can be used to give intricate shapes and designs to the chocolate. Naturally, one needs moulds that can accommodate a stick that is used to mount the top of the chocolate lollipop. Once these items are available, one can simply procure the chocolate and make the chocolate lollipops easily. The type of chocolate that one uses depends on the taste of the individual and of the people that the chocolate lollipops are being made for. For most kids, the use of plain milk chocolate is the best idea as kids tend to prefer sweeter chocolates rather than bitter ones. One can make chocolate lollipops using dark chocolate as well as white chocolate if one so desires.

The process of making chocolate lollipops takes just a few minutes. Once the chocolate is melted and brought to temperature, it is poured into the moulds. Care should be taken to fill the mould exactly to the amount that it is designed to hold. This will ensure that the resulting shape is accurate to the shape of the mould. Once the moulds are filled and closed, one can put them in the fridge to cool down. Cooling allows rapid hardening to take place. This may be a problem for chocolate that isn’t tempered but is not a problem for chocolate that has been properly tempered. When the chocolate lollipops cool down, they will become solid and can be stored normally. Storage of chocolate lollipops is important in warm climates because the warm temperatures will cause the chocolate lollipops to melt and lose their shape. In such climates, the chocolate lollipops should be stored in a refrigerator. In cooler climates, chocolate lollipops can be stored at room temperature without any issues.

When making chocolate lollipops, it is important to take a few precautions. Chocolate lollipops should be made in moulds that are safe for use with food items. This should be checked before one uses these moulds as they could be dangerous otherwise. Some moulds are also not suited to warm temperatures. This can be checked too before one attempts to make chocolate lollipops. Apart from this, it is important to ensure that the chocolate does not burn when one is melting the original chocolate. Chocolate burns easily if it catches on the bottom of the dish that placed on the stove top. Therefore, it is important to stir the chocolate as it melts regularly. One may also add small amounts of water to the mix, but this should be done carefully and not liberally. With these precautions taken care of it is easy to prepare homemade chocolate lollipops.
Homemade chocolate lollipops are a great treat which can be prepared easily without any fuss. This is an especially good idea for those who wish to prepare a treat at short notice. Chocolate lollipops require simple ingredients that are easily available around the house. 
Submitted on January 16, 2014