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Low Calorie Recipes

Diet is one of the important factors in determining an individual’s health along with other factors such as genetics and exercise levels. While genetics cannot be altered, one can definitely alter the diet and exercise levels. Exercise and diet are two factors that need to be changed in the life of most people. In times gone by, people used to expend a lot more energy doing physically intensive tasks than they do these days. Most modern professions are physically relaxed involving, instead, mental activities while sitting at a desk.
However, modern food consumption, if anything, has increased in quantity over food consumption in times gone by. This has led to a condition where individuals are fed with a diet rich in nutrients and fats that is not being spent by the body. Rising obesity levels across the world are blamed on this factor. Obesity is a problem from whichever angle one looks at it. Obesity reduces the physical capability of an individual as it becomes difficult to perform physically intensive tasks. Excess weight also puts abnormal strain on the joints of the body which will suffer from wear and tear much faster than they normally would. In many cases, it is just the initial wear and tear that spoils the situation as further wear occurs quickly and as a result of the initial damage. Over a period of time, obesity causes serious health problems. Heart problems affect obese individuals far more frequently than they affect individuals who are healthy and within their normal weight ranges. Diabetes is another condition that is known to affect obese individuals more frequently than healthy individuals who have a relatively normal body mass index score.

It is important for an individual to combine both efforts when trying to lose weight or maintain a set weight. Diet modifications without exercise or exercise without diet modifications will lead to partially successful results. It is therefore highly recommended that individuals follow better diet plans along with better exercise plans.

Low calorie recipes are used for a low calorie diet. A low calorie diet is required for all individuals who are performing minimal amounts of physical exercise. This low calorie diet is required because it ensures that the body of the individual does not have more energy than it requires. One should not worry that low calorie recipes will be tasteless. It is very easy to make healthy and tasty foods that fall under the category of low calorie recipes. The important thing when considering a calorie control diet is to try and avoid foods that have a high calorie count. Some foods, especially junk foods and fast foods are known to provide the body with very little useful nutrition while stuffing the body with unwanted quantities of fats and other useless nutrients. 

It is important to prepare tasty low calorie recipes. This will encourage the individual to consume these foods over other foods that are tasty but not necessarily healthy at all. Another important factor when it comes to low calorie foods is the method of preparing the food in the first place.

Food preparation is one of the key factors when it comes to the calorie count of the food. Most foods that are considered to be unhealthy are prepared using unhealthy methods. The same basic ingredients may be prepared in a healthy way to avoid the ill effects of high calorie consumption. The process of frying is one such process that is responsible for raising the calorie count of food. Fried junk and processed foods are usually made in saturated oils. One should use healthy alternatives to this method of preparation for a low calorie diet. The use of olive oil instead of normal cooking oil is one way to ensure calorie control. A good calorie control diet will even avoid the use of this oil. Instead, one can prepare low calorie recipes by steaming, boiling or roasting foods.

The process of steaming is considered to be a very healthy way of preparing foods. It allows food to be thoroughly cooked without eliminating a large number of nutrients from the food. Another aspect of a healthy low calorie diet is the type of ingredient that is used. Individuals who wish to consume a low calorie diet should prepare low calorie recipes using natural foods rather than processed foods. Vegetables and fruits should form the basis of a low calorie diet. Vegetables and fruits provide the body with plenty of nutrients while also supplying dietary fiber. Fiber allows for the smooth movement of food through the digestive system. This ensures that too much food is not absorbed into the body. Steamed vegetables are also very tasty because they contain the natural goodness of the vegetables which are not spoiled or masked by improper cooking methods.

Low cal recipes for beef and low cal recipes for chicken can be of immense help when deciding on a regular diet plan. When focusing on these low calorie recipes, one should try to avoid the fatty pieces of meat and focus on the leaner sections of meat. These meats may be roasted or grilled instead of unhealthy methods like deep frying.  While it is true that fried versions of these foods might taste better, one can surely avoid such foods as the bad effects on the health of the individual should provide more than enough of a deterrent to their consumption. 

Healthy low calorie recipes are the first step in improving the health of an individual. Individuals should realize that the change in diet usually takes a while to gradually improve the functioning of the body. Changes often take weeks to be noticed rather than days. This should not be a reason to abandon a low calorie diet plan. Instead, one should focus on additional methods of boosting the impact of a diet and nutrition plan. The focus, in this situation, should be on exercise and general lifestyle improvement.  A sedentary lifestyle is unlikely to be of any assistance to the individual if he or she wishes to improve health and lose weight.
Submitted on January 16, 2014