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Calories In Daily Diet Veges | Calories In Mixed Vegetables

With obesity becoming something of an epidemic, more and more people are becoming conscious about their weight. As an increase in weight presents new health challenges, it is, in fact, important to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Today, due to the lifestyle that we have adopted, there is hardly any movement and the body doesn’t get the exercise that it so desperately requires. Our sedentary lifestyle and increasing dependence on processed and synthetic foods do not help ease the matters. In fact, they only make them worse.

With our arteries choking with the saturated fats and cholesterol we consume, it is a good idea to switch to a diet of raw vegetables and fruits.

Raw vegetables are great to maintain good health. Vegetables contain a good deal of roughage which is very vital for the movement of the food along the alimentary canal and digestive tract. It helps in eliminating waste too.

Along with energy, vegetables also contain many minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins like vitamin B. The calorie content in vegetables is also low as compared to the calories gained from carbohydrates and refined foods.

How To Count Calories In Cooked Vegetables?

Calories are usually calculated per 100 grams of cooked vegetables. The portion size can vary a lot depending on how the vegetable is cooked. The calories of raw vegetables are higher than the cooked ones, even when the weight is same. This is because while cooking, the vegetables absorb the water in which they are cooked and the concentration of calories is reduced. Furthermore the high temperatures can also destroy some of the nutrients present in the vegetables.

There are also certain vegetables that have negative calories. This means that some vegetables instead of adding on to the body’s calories help in reducing the fat by burning the calories that are already present. Following is a list of raw vegetables and their corresponding calories.

 Name of Vegetable 
 Calories per 100 grams 
 1 Cucumber 10
 2 Gourd               
 3 Lettuce               
 4 Mushroom           
 5 Red Peppers 18
 6 Tomatoes           
 7 Turnip               
 8 Leek               
 9 Spring Onions   
 10 Sweet Corn 24
 11 Asparagus           
 12 Cauliflower           
 13 Broccoli           
 14 Cabbage               
 15 Carrot               
 16 Onion               
 17 Beetroot           
 18 Brussels Sprouts 40
 19 Sprouts               
 20 Yam               
 21 Pumpkin               
 22 Radish               
 23 Watercress           

So the next time you are wondering what to make, simply refer to the calorie chart for each vegetable. Weight the amount of vegetable that you plan to make and multiply the calories of each vegetable that’s in the dish you’re planning to make.

This is an easy way to watch your calorie intake and so maintain a healthy balance in your diet and subsequently the perfect weight.

Submitted on January 16, 2014