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Apple Calories

Apple calories and apple dietary fiber can only be determined according to the size of the apple. There are several varieties of apples like New York apples, Honey crisp apples, Gala apples and Granny smith apples to name a few and according to the weight the caloric content in all of them is almost the same. The only way that the calories will differ is if the apples are of a different size. An apple of medium size contains 80 calories or so, while the apple calories per ounce is around 16 calories.  The fiber content, which is again as per the size of the apple is 3 grams in an apple which weighs five ounces. The fiber content in any fruit or vegetable is most effective for those who are on a weight loss diet.
Apple fiber has several benefits as it cleans the gut and helps the body to fight any kind of disease and infection. This helps with dieting as the hunger pangs are kept at bay for a longer period and the person feels full after eating an apple. The fiber in apples does cause a bit of gas but the benefits are more than the discomfort. Basically a large apple contains around 120 calories while a small one is around 60 calories. The peel of an apple has around ten calories.

Apple nutrition

Apple nutrition has many health benefits as it is low in calories, sodium and fat, while the apple fiber content is high. An apple also contains pectin which is good to keep the cholesterol under control and is beneficial for the heart. Apples also contain boron which is a mineral which makes the person alert and is an ideal fruit to start the day with. Other essential nutrients in an apple are potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium vitamins A, C and E, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and folate. Glutamic acid which is present in apples prevents the deterioration of the central nervous system. The Iso enzyme phynylase makes the slices brown once the apple is cut.

Apple diet

For a weight loss program an apple diet is ideal as the apple caloric count is low while it has a lot of other nutrients. It is best to have apples with the peel if it is not waxed, as the peel contains a lot of the nutrients which would be lost if the apple was peeled. However, if the apple is waxed one would have to peel it as the pesticides stick to the wax and could create a health problem. Though a lot of nutrition is packed in the skin of the apple, like most fruits and vegetables, the fruit itself has a lot of nourishment so eating it without the skin is also beneficial.

Apple nutrition facts

Apple nutrition facts and apple dietary information have confirmed the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples have a low glycemic index which makes them an ideal fruit for those on a weight loss diet and for diabetics. Low glycemic index foods supply a steady flow of sugar to the system instead of a sudden spike which does not maintain a regular level and causes a rapid sugar level drop and the person experiences intense hunger or weakness.

Apples are an ideal food for those who are convalescing and for children and old people. There are different methods of cooking this fruit so that it is easy to digest and also for use in various kinds of cuisine.

Green apple calories

There are less green apple calories than the calories in medium apples or in small apples as green apples are sourer to taste. This is why green apples are recommended for diabetics who need low sugar fruits and foods. However, people on a weight loss diet as well as heart patients can eat the regular sweet apples. It is easier to control the caloric intake with green apples as there is more of water content in them which fills one up faster and there is also more fiber in them which keeps you feeling full for a longer period too. In dried apples a lot of nutrients are lost including the fiber content.

Apple fiber

The low amount of apple calories per ounce as well as the apple fiber makes this an extremely healthy fruit which has a lot of benefits for the well being of people. Research conducted on the benefits of eating apples have shown that apart from weight control apples help to lower the risk of cardio vascular disease and prevent as well as fight cancer. It is the quercetin which is an antioxidant in the apple which prevents cells from getting damaged and prevents cancer and also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Because of the high insoluble fiber content in the apple it prevents constipation and helps the digestion. It also prevents diverticulosis which leads to colon cancer. Fiber also suppresses the appetite and makes one feel “full” and less hungry. The insoluble fiber in apples which forms a substance like gel in the digestive passage lowers cholesterol and with it the risk of heart disease and stroke. Pectin which is found in apples is what makes it an ideal fruit for diabetics and reduces the cholesterol which the liver produces. Apples should be eaten in their full form and not had as juice while the best quality to go for is the one which gets brown when cut.

Gala apple calories

Gala apple calories are just 80 in a medium sized fruit and though the season for these apples is between May to September they are available through out the year. This makes it ideal for those on a weight loss program as they do not have to wait for the season to procure these apples. These apples are small in size and the skin is red in parts and yellow and green in other parts. Sweet and grainy the gala apple has a thin skin and a mild flavor. They are sweet, crisp and firm and fun to eat. Because of their crispness they are also helpful in dental care.
Apple carbs

The apple carbs count is on the high side as each apple contains around 21 grams of carbs, and so is the apple fiber count. However, carbs in the apple are from natural fructose and can be eaten within certain limits while fiber is good for several reasons and is on every health conscious person’s menu. If a person is counting their calories they should fit an apple into their daily count of permitted calories as it is a far healthier food than most other fruits.

Small apple calories

Small apple calories
may be lesser in number than in the larger apples but will not really help in a diet unless eaten along with foods which have negative calories or if the complete diet for the day consists of a low calorie one. Adding apple to a salad which has other negative calorie vegetables would be an ideal dish for someone who wants to loose weight.

Submitted on January 16, 2014