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Calories Burned During Cardio

Cardiovascular or cardio activities can be described as any exercise, which has a positive impact on your cardiovascular functioning. Most of these exercises increase your heartbeat rate, which in turn causes your body to burn more calories. Therefore, the calories burned through a cardio routine are fairly high, as compared to other forms of exercise. There are several different cardio exercises that you can choose from and the number of calories burned through each may differ. The best part is that cardio activities do not just include traditional forms of exercise, like walking, jogging and running, but also sports and leisure activities that you can enjoy, such as swimming, cycling, dancing, aerobics, hiking, rock climbing, skating and so on.
You could also follow a set cardio workout plan, easily available through CDs/DVDs. Of course, the intensity with which you exercise also plays a major role in the amount of weight you lose. The higher your heartbeat rate while exercising, the more calories are burnt doing cardio exercise. Therefore, every well-planned weight loss routine has at least some form of cardio activity or the other. Most health and fitness experts will allow you to perform around 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercises each day, in order to lose weight. For best results you need to exercise every day or at least 5 days a week. There are several different workout routines that you can choose to follow based on the amount of weight you would like to lose, as well as your body requirements. Also see calories burnt at gym

Calories Burned In Abs And Cardio Workout Plan

In case you are trying to lose weight and flatten your tummy at the same time, it is best for you to include some cardio and abs exercises in your workout routine. Therefore, you need to run, jog, or walk for about 30 to 40 minutes, before performing abdominal crunches. The cardio exercise will help you lose weight and the crunches work on your muscles, allowing you to tone up. An average person, weighing 150 pounds can burn up to 400 calories in an hour, following an abs and cardio routine. More on calories burned on treadmill

Calories Burned While Kickboxing (Cardio)

Kickboxing is one of the most strenuous cardio activities and therefore you can burn a high number of calories by engaging in this exercise. An average person, weighing 150 pounds, can burn anywhere between 600 and 700 calories an hour by engaging in this form of cardio exercise. Kickboxing not only helps you burn fat and lose weight, but can also help tone up your entire body.

Calories Burnt During Cardio Blast

A cardio blast can be described as a workout routine that lasts for around 25 minutes, involving mainly high-impact and advanced exercises, to raise your heartbeat and help you lose weight at a faster pace. Therefore, it is important to get a doctor’s approval, before engaging in this workout program. There are several different cardio blast programs that you can follow, within the comfort of your home. On average, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn approximately 450 to 550 calories an hour with the cardio blast weight loss program. Apart from the cardio blast, there are many other workout routines that are also easily available.

Of course there are several other factors that also influence the number of calories you burn while engaging in cardio activities. This includes your age, metabolism as well as your body weight. Younger people tend to burn more calories as compared to those who are older. Similarly, the higher your body weight, the more calories you burn while engaging in any exercise. You may also notice that some people lose more weight, in spite of working out for a shorter period of time. This happens because everyone has a different metabolism, which causes their body to burn calories at a faster pace.

It can be quite a difficult task to know the number of calories burned exercising, as some factors like your speed and intensity may not always be possible to gauge. Several people try to overcome this challenge by choosing to workout at a gym instead, using machines like the treadmill or the exercise bicycle. Most of these machines have a calorie counter that can give you an idea about how many calories you burned at the gym, during one workout session. In case you engage in anaerobic exercises at the gym, it is best to check with your fitness instructor about the calories burned through pushups, sit ups and crunches. It is a well-known fact that the number of calories burnt doing a cardio workout is much more that the amount of calories you burn through crunches, pushups and so on. Therefore, if you are working out with the intention to lose weight, it is important to add some form of cardio exercise to your workout routine. However, never follow or set an exercise regime without prior consultation with your fitness trainer as well as your health care provider.
Submitted on January 16, 2014