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Healthy Diet Plans >>  Burn 108calories by slow jogging

Burn 108calories by slow jogging:

How many calories per day should one lose through exercise?

Physical exercise is essential for burning the calories and losing weight. Exercise can increase the workload of our muscle tissue. This can help in enlarging our muscle tissue. Thus our resting metabolic rate is also increased. Our muscle tissue is metabolically active as compared to fatty tissue.

Hence there is expenditure of calories when physical work out is carried out. Energy expenditure continues even after the workout is over.

There are two types of physical exercises that can lead to caloric expenditure:
Aerobic exercises involve the use of oxygen that is carried into our muscles. Aerobic activities involve jogging, swimming, walking on the treadmill, roller blading, tennis and football. These activities are sustained for extended period of time.

Anaerobic exercise does not require oxygen for fuel. This fitness activity involves short bursts of energy. The most common anaerobic exercise is lifting weights.

The best type of activity that we can perform for instant calorie expenditure is aerobic exercise. For long term energy expenditure we can rely on anaerobic exercise.

An ideal calorie burning program is the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Whenever we carry out exercise in a health center or at the gym, it is necessary to divide the activity. For a 60 minute exercise program, we can divide the program as 40 minutes for aerobics and 20 minutes for weight lifting .The other way of division is to perform aerobic exercise for one day and do weight lifting on the other day

There are certain points to be considered before carrying out the exercise. We should keep a gap of 3 to 4 hours between our meals and exercises. We should prefer low fat high carbohydrate foods. Avoid fried foods. High carbohydrate and low fat diets are essential for providing energy to the body for carrying out exercises for one hour.

The burning of calories in our body differs according to the sex, type of activity and age of the individual.
Certain activities that burn the calories in men and women are:

Activities                  Men                  Women                  Kcals.

  1. Slow jogging             15 mins             18 mins                108 calories
  2. Dumbbell exercise    25 mins              28 mins               118 calories
  3. Basket ball              45 mins              50 mins                228 calories
  4. Tennis                     1 hour                1 hour 10 mins     384 calories
  5. Cycling                   1 hour 20 mins     1 hour 10 mins      816 calories
  6. Step aerobics          50 mins               1 hour                  380 calories
  7. Ping Pong               25 mins               30 mins                90 kcals.
  8. Spinning                 25 minutes           35 minutes           560 kcals.


Submitted on January 16, 2014