Work Out Plan For Women | Strength Training For Women

By | July 31, 2009

Women Work Out Plan For Weight Reduction

Being overweight is not just a physical setback for women; it has tremendous psychological implications as well. Women are particularly conscious about their physical appearance and the right body weight is considered to be one of the prerequisites for good looks. As such, obesity in women may lead to loss of confidence, reduced productivity at work, depression and many other problems.

Crash Dieting Work Out For Women

Most women resort to various diet plans to reduce weight. All diet plans are different and may not necessarily help you reduce your body weight. On the contrary, some of the more restrictive diets may make you feel weak, fatigued, and prone to various diseases.

Working out for weight loss has several advantages over weight reduction methods like fad or crash dieting. Working out not only reduces your weight, it also makes you healthy. It also makes you reduce weight evenly, giving you the perfect figure you have been longing for.

Also, it will make you feel more energetic and productive as it revitalizes the body and improves circulation. Exercising regularly eliminates fatigue and lowers your susceptibility to lethargy.

Before you start with your work out regime, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • You must consult your doctor before commencing a workout for weight reduction.
  • Take your body measurements before you start with your workouts as these will help you quantify how much weight/fat loss has taken place.
  • Use a weight loss log to keep a track of the progress of your workout schedule for weight loss.
  • The essentials of a Woman’s workout plan for weight reduction are:
  • To burn calories, it is essential that your workout regime contains multi joint exercises rather than just isolation exercises like leg extensions, calf raises, and wrist curls.
  • Devote two non-consecutive days to weight training and three other days to cardiovascular exercises. Don’t workout on the other two days of the week. Let your body relax and rejuvenate from the stress you’ve been putting in under.
  • Yoga stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques can also help you lose weight, provided that you have access to a trained yoga instructor.
  • Do remember to include warm up exercises for fifteen to twenty minutes before you start you’re your workout.
  • Complement your workout schedule with a balanced diet. This will provide you with the nutrients you need but prevent the intake of excess calories.
  • Drink lots of water. Water is an often overlooked but invaluable tool for weight loss.