Ideal Body Weight and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

By | November 11, 2008

Ideal Body Weight for Height

Your weight according to your height should be around 52 kg if you are a male and 47 kg if you are a female which means that you are approximately14-19 kg overweight. Substitute high-calorie junk foods for healthier wholesome food to lose excess body weight and maintain an ideal weight. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for many health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and stroke. Try the following tips to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Healthy Tips to Lose Weight

  • Always choose a healthy way to lose weight and make sure that you also follow a regular exercise schedule. Avoid going on crash diet which restricts your food intake to a greater extent. Fad diets are not only unhealthy but they also decrease the metabolic rate of your body which means that you expend fewer calories daily.
  • Focus on a healthy balanced diet comprising of whole foods like whole grains, cereals and its products, whole pulses, beans, sprouts, and whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid choosing refined, processed or canned foods which are very low in many essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Include proteins in your diet in the form of egg whites, fish, skimmed milk and milk products, poultry without the skin, and lean cuts of meat. Other foods like egg yolk, liver, kidney, brain, crabs, lobsters, prawns, and shrimps are also good source of protein. These foods are also high in several healthy fatty acids.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Many a times we fail to distinguish between the sensation of hunger and thirst and eat food when we are thirsty. So learn to recognize your needs correctly and eat only when you are hungry.
  • Certain foods that need to be avoided include sweets, bakery foods (cakes, pastries, cookies, and white breads), chocolates, candies, oily foods, junk foods, fried foods, artificial sweetened fruit and vegetables juices, sodas, carbonated beverages and colas. These foods add unnecessary excess calories in your diet without the supply of other essential nutrients.
  • Exercise is equally important along with diet to lose weight. Choose any physical activity you love, you can also choose from different sports like cycling, running, playing basket ball, table tennis, swimming or roller skating. A daily 30-40 minute brisk walk can be very beneficial for weight loss. You can keep a daily diet diary to record your progress and make any necessary changes.