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Home Remedies For Biliary Cirrhosis | Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Stages And Treatment

Symptoms Of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis And Cirrhosis Diet Biliary cirrhosis is liver ailment in which the bile ducts undergo gradual degeneration and fail to perform their normal functions such as detoxifying the blood, cleansing old red blood cells and ensuring proper digestion of food. As a consequence of this, the liver may suffer from scarring,… Read More »

Home Remedies For Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis | Liver Cirrhosis Treatments And Remedies

Treating Liver Cirrhosis Effectively At Home The liver is a vital organ and numerous body functions like digestion, metabolism, platelet production and clotting of blood are dependent on it. An excessive intake of alcohol adversely affects the liver leading to cirrhosis that throws all these functions out of sync. When affected by cirrhosis, the healthy… Read More »