Thai Turkey Burgers Recipe

By | April 21, 2009

Easy Burger With Thai Turkey Ingredients


1 pound skinless turkey, ground
6 whole grain hamburgers, cocktail size
¾ cup fresh basil leaves
1 egg, whole, beaten or ¼ cup frozen or refrigerated egg product
¼ cup dry bread crumbs, fine
2 tablespoon peanut dipping sauce
1 teaspoon Thai seasoning or curry powder
1 medium pitted mango, peeled and sliced

Quick Burger Cooking Method

  1. Combine beaten egg or egg product along with Thai seasoning or curry powder and dry bread crumbs in a medium size bowl. Add all the ground turkey at once and mix well using your hands. Shape the mixture into six patties, ¾ inch thick each.
  2. Lightly grease a rack of an uncovered grill. Place these patties directly over the greased rack over medium coals. Grill for about 16 to 18 minutes or until done. When an instant read thermometer inserted in the patties registers 165 degrees you can consider them to be done. Turn the patties once halfway through grilling process to ensure even cooking and browning on both the flat sides. Patties can be shallow fried in a non stick cooking pan if a griller is not available (however do not use oil for shallow frying, use small amounts of non-stick cooking spray).
  3. Spread some basil over top bottom half of each bun to serve. Place patties between the two layers. Spread peanut dipping sauce over the patties and mango slices over the sauce. Top the fillings with the bun tops and serve. If desired prick a tooth pick at the center of the burger to keep the patties and filling in place. If you enjoy a  warm burger, wrap the burger in a butter paper and heat it in the oven for a minute. Serve warm. This recipe makes 6 servings.

Health Tip:

  • Thai turkey burger is a diabetes friendly recipe which provides about 210 calories, 4 gm total fat (30 mg cholesterol and 1 gm saturated fat), 22 gm proteins and 23 gm carbohydrates per serving.
  • This recipe can be considered a high sodium recipe as it provides about 438 mg sodium per serving. So if you are on a low sodium diet and plan to include this recipe in your meals then balance your intake of other sodium rich foods accordingly. To reduce the sodium content of this recipe use curry powder instead of Thai seasoning and reduced sodium dipping sauce instead of regular dipping sauce.
  • Preferably use skinless turkey as whole turkey with the skin also provides considerable amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats. Both these types of fat when taken above the recommended levels are associated with many long term health complications like obesity and heart problems.