Recipe for Strawberry Smoothie and Mango Drinks

By | December 2, 2008

Strawberry and Mango Smoothie Recipes

Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients:

1 cup fresh strawberries or 1 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries
1 cup mango nectar or 1 cup apricot nectar
3 to 4 ice cubes
½ cup plain or vanilla yogurt, low fat


  • Blend 1 cup fresh strawberries along with mango or apricot nectar, ice and yogurt in a blender until it becomes frothy and smooth. Pour the smoothie in to tall glasses with straws in it. This recipe makes 2 servings.

Health tip:

  • Fresh berries are a good choice, but if you use frozen berries then you may skip the ice cubes.
  • Preferably use low fat or fat free vanilla or plain yoghurt to reduce the total calorie and fat content of the recipe.
  • You can either make this smoothie with mango nectar or apricot nectar, both are wonderful combinations.
  • Mango strawberry smoothie is a quick and tempting desert option which can be made in just 5 minutes time.
  • This recipe provides about 125 calories, 4 gm protein and 1 gm of fat per serving. Mango strawberry smoothies can be an excellent choice for people with diabetes as it has only natural carbohydrates from fruits and yogurt which do not cause insulin or glucose spikes in the body.